49ers Marketing


That is awesome!

Heck yes!!!

This one is great and strategically placed for this weekends SEC Nation that is happening in Romare Bearden Park:

That is fantastic.

clt says SEC nation will notice this

I’ve been waiting years to see this kind of marketing!

Very strategic, love the placement as well. We’ve been advertising in uptown on the mass transit for a while, good to see us branch out.

That C without the 49ers is so much more clean looking! I love it!

*Like the Panthers and the logo midfield, lets push for C-pick (no 49ers) at midfield. Would look pretty damn cool imo.

Good content here: https://twitter.com/CharlotteFTBL/status/1035546820607401985

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Wow, that IS good.

Love that. Hopefully will resonate with recruits.

That uni unveil was great.

Mike Hill - The guy just gets it! He has done so much and has been tremendous in his short tenure here. The future is very bright! I also change my original statement in another thread about the “C” being too large on the helmet. Needed some perspective (helmet actually on someone) and I think it’s a good size and looks fantastic.

Stake the claim. 'Bout time! Love it!

Shout out to Zach McKay as well.

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I’m sure the wva and rocky top fans will be sooo impressed.

clt wonders if trump saw our billboards today

If you see him, tell him we aren’t tired of winning yet.

I am all in with the C Pick and nothing else. Really liked the football helmets. Much like our 20 shades of green, we need to have one logo or insignia that we all can identify. No more C Pick w/49ers inside it. Or the C Pick in front of Charlotte (looking at you baseball stadium). Just go with the C Pick. I would rather that, than a total rebrand. Anybody with mike hill’s ear, please mention! Tired of the variations!

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