49ers Men's Soccer ⚽

Marshall “wins” that category 24 to 10.

BTW, top three in the USC poll from the Sun Belt - Marshall, West Virginia, and UCF. Plus JMU at #12.

Davidson may be pretty good this year. Draws with Va Tech and Wake Forest and a win over UNC_G.
They still have their old logo up on their athletics site. Someone from Charlotte should advise those liberal arts farts how to correct that.


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Anyone heading up to Davidson tonight?

Good again. They never stopped. As a matter of fact when Washington dropped out of the Top 25 last week Marshall became the longest continuous program in the Top 25. Marshall has been ranked every week since Oct 15, 2019 or week 7 and has been ranked in the Top 15 since Nov 5, 2019 or week 9.

Does it matter that they recruit internationally, Chris Grassie just wins. Also the HC of WVU Dan Stratford is straight from the Chris Grassie coaching tree. He was an asst for Grassie at the University of Charleston and took over UC when Grassie got the Marshall job.

Who Cares Larry David GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Awww is your creek dirty now. And shouldn’t that say: ghostofclt doesn’t give a fuck. Because everyone knows you are a 3rd person dumbass.


By the way, Where is Charlotte’s Rank !!!

clt says you marshal jabroni, go back to your shanty. why are you posting here?

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It’s 730 and the game has not started yet. Why?

Niners goal!!! :clap:


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Yeah it started just after 7.

Goal #2!!!


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Fantastic save to preserve the clean sheet and the 2-0 W.



Nice win against a good team.

Without the track making us sit in the next block, it’s easy to see the speed at which Charlotte plays.
We were clearly the better team tonight.

I left just before the saved penalty kick. The match was very chippy toward the end.

Davidson apparantly hasn’t raised their concession prices since sometime in the 1980’s. No beer or zima, though.

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This posted in the soccer thread only because that Marshall jabroni brought up how wonderfull Marshall and WVU are. The short take: West Virginia is the 49th most educated state and NC is 23rd.
Twenty third is just average, but it beats 49th every time.

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