49ers Plaza

Johnson C. Smith University downtown has a cool one. I drive under it on the way to work sometimes. They definitely use theirs.

… and, strange to say, I haven’t seen any hobo villages under or around it. lol

And they have like 500 students…

Traffic engineers are finally realizing the importance of creating pedestrian friendly roads. I saw a presentation by the firm Glatting Jackson and they gave examples of locations in the US where they took a highway similar to Highway 49 and made it into a pedestrian friendly Boulevard.

The problem is traffic engineers have never worried about pedestrian movement; their sole goal was to move cars as fast as possible. Now these engineers are realizing the importance the pedestrian realm and therefore will create change.

Some simple things could be done such as no turn on red, to alleviate the issue why they come up with a new streetscape plan, but being that it is a state highway I don’t know the whole process to get something like that on the boards. (Probably the TIP, but I am not sure.)

I agree that pedestrian bridges are not the way to go, there are much more aesthetically pleasing solutions that are just as feasible.

Solution: Human cannons on each side of the highway.
Cost to “ride”: $1.50 for gunpowder


Time to go, late for class:


:confused: …after some thought, :thumbsup: I approve. A little practice and we might even be able to get people exactly where they are going.

If martin Iti were fired out of a cannon, would he then be able to dunk?