49RFBN starts the MTSU pregame chat page

Saturday at 3:00 pm EDT. Game is on ESPN3

Both teams are 3-3, 2-1.


We beat WKU handily and they lost a close one to FIU.

ESPN game predictor says we only have a 16.6% chance of winning.

Their starting QB left the game against FIU with an unidentified lower-body injury, so his status is unknown at this time.

His asshat coach/father did welcome us to C-USA with this beauty two years ago:


As much as I want this to be Brad’s last season with us, I’d love to beat this team like we did WKU.

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I have a friend who’s son played on the team that lost to MTSU in a bloodbath. We were overmatched and outmanned at every position in year 3 and first in FBS. The Dad was pissed that they were throwing half back passes in second half and running up the score. He thought MTSU were jerks in pounding us so bad when the game was out of hand in first quarter.

I believe in what goes around comes around at some point. It may not be this year, but at some point we will have the opportunity. I do not think Lambert would run it up, but most coaches would remember.


Very interesting stat here. Through 6 games Stockstill is their leading rusher. If he’s out for this game, or even playing injured, I think our chances of winning go way up if our secondary can perform as well as they did against WKU. If Stockstill is their leading rusher with the rather mediocre stats below one has to wonder what’s the issue with their running back corp.


B. LeMay
103 CAR, 535 YDS, 5 TD

B. Stockstill
60 CAR, 145 YDS, 1 TD

I attended the game at MTSU in 2015 and MTSU executed an onside kick in the first half when they were already up two touchdowns. I still dislike their coach for running up the score in our first conference game. I hope we knock them off in their ugly stadium in front of all their Vols fans.

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MTSU rushing situation:

Their starting RB, Thomas, has been suffering from injuries all year and is getting only limited playing time. Their backup was a WR moved to RB because of Thomas’s situation, and was taken off the field Saturday with either a broken leg or torn achilles.

Not sure we’ve had a week where the injury reports will be this significant before, for both teams.

I was also at the MTSU massacre. Ive never seen a team run up the score like that. I think they ran a flea flicker when they were up by 40+. There has to be some back story that we arent aware of. Even coaches who are complete jerks don’t do what MT did that game.

I just think the guy is an A#1 dick.

They ran an onside kick as well. We ran it back for a TD but that just shows you how hard they were trying to run it up. Older Stockstill is a punk. If we get one more this year (aside from UT) I want it to be this one.

Edit see someone already mentioned the onside.

Per their coach, Stockstill is day-to-day.

Translation: He’s playing Saturday.

Other than the whipping we took which left a bad taste…why do you think Coach Stockstill is a punk? Do you personally know him?

No I do not but seeing someone onside kick, run flea flickers, leaving starters in until well into the second half of a 73-14 game against a third year program is punk like behavior. He may be a fine individual otherwise.

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If Charlotte can play like they did against WKU theyll have a great shot here. Not sure how many players are still left from that 73-14 game, but I’d love to get a win over there and remove some of those demons.

If they are really good at the whole forward pass thing I have concerns.

We open +17 for this one.

They are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Well the joke is on them, we do not game plan for other teams!


clt says that was a no brainer!

Many of Lambert’s decision seem to lack brains.