49RFBN starts the UMass game chat page

They are 1-2 with a win against Duquesne and losses to Boston College and Georgia Southern. They play FIU Saturday and us next weekend. We’re leaving the smallest FBS stadium and our home field to place at the 2nd smallest FBS stadium, so it should be comfortable for the team.

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I expected UMass to have a pretty good offense this year but it doesn’t look like that has panned out. Definitely a winnable game.

Game is set to be broadcast on Eleven Sports and NESN+ (not sure who carries those) but you can also buy a 24 hour pass from UMass Athletics for $6.95 to watch on their site.

Looks like the game will be on locally on WCCB.


It’s about time WCCB carries a flippin game…

They had to make sure we were capable of winning first…

lol im jk, but it is really nice when they televise our games. ESPN 3 and other streaming outlets tend to have a lot of lag/disruptions (at least when I fullscreen and project to a tv).

Any game we start after 4pm, WCCB has no interest in. Big Bang Theory reruns apparently outdraw us.

Maybe Lambert can have a catch phrase like “bazinga”? “No question” doesn’t have quite the same appeal.

Should be nice to get 10 days of rest and extra time to prepare for this one.


My own ignorance but I didn’t realize no one else besides UMass is under 20k

Didn’t realize UMass was no longer playing the majority of their home games at Gillette following the move to the FBS level. Will visit Foxboro only once this season and for first time since 2016 when they take on BYU in November.

Missed tackles loom large for UMass in 63-24 loss to FIU


We opened -14 (:flushed:) for this one.

Yeah, that number is too high.

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I’d be willing to be that number isn’t real.

Vegas doesn’t troll.

UMass FB forum: https://www.umasshoops.com/newboard/viewforum.php?f=2

HAHA! They don’t know we have a REAL kicker now and a QB who can actually put the ball on the spot. Shhhhhh! Keep all that quiet so we can sneak up on them.

Someone somewhere goofed. UMass now -10.5

clt enjoys being favoured. We r back

CLT must have bet the zep with how much the line moved.