6-4 Frosh Joe Crawford to transfer from Kentucky

Crawford to Transfer

The only real reason I bring this up is we have been Transfer U lately, and that if you look closely, this kid was a Mickey D’s AA at Detroit’s Renaissance High (Marcus Bennet’s old school). Hmmmmmm. Maybe our coaches should call.

You are a freshman on the Wildcats #10 ranked team and are getting 12.8 minutes per game and you want to transfer because of playing time??

My guess is that he will go back home and play for the Wolverines.

clt wil talk to him.

Bring him in CLT.

he said to vote for pedro.

YESSSSSSSSSS, that’s sweeeeeeet!

clt, did deb do your glamour shot?


gosh, it is great to see others here know what’s up. what are your skills?

It’s a liger.


Pretty much my best skill has been being father to two kids (18 & 22) who are flippin’ awesome.

Yeah, I’m a certified old fart who enjoys and appreciates cult classics-to-be when I am made aware of them.


Whatever I want.

gosh, i pretty much think my skills involve detiled shading of upper lips.

Did you know a liger is a real animal? It was a question on Millionaire last night, and I looked it up and sure enough it’s the offspring of a male lion and female tiger.

Do the chickens have large talons?

clt writes that if someone doesnt know what we are talking about, that person would be hella confused.