704 Shop Charlotte 49ers Combo Shirt

So the AD has partnered with 704 shop to come out with an incredible homecoming shirt. I think everyone is pleased. They have all sizes still available in store, and I’d be willing to bet online stock shows up again soon. Please continue helping these guys out, they are alums, and we are the only college they support. Considering the size of their business, that’s a big deal.


Love the shirts! Already sold out tho. Any chance they will be making another run of units?

I hope they add more styles in the future! Very cool! :+1:

clt says sold out? The appys strike again!


That’s a nice shirt, $32 is kinda steep, still might buy one

$30ish is on par for 704 Shop though. It’s a very nice tri-blend material too. Their physical store is in Southend and will be checking it out later today…will update with sizes available.

I picked up one at the store. They still had several on the rack.

Great looking shirt, dropped in and grabbed one and the guy said they were pretty popular! Hopefully that continues to be a healthy partnership. Can’t beat having help from old alums on the outside!

Pretty cool shirt. I’d definitely buy one if in stock. That’s a haul for me to pick up

I wish this shirt was still available…didn’t get one when they came out but everytime I see someone wearing one I hate I didn’t. Love the shirt. Any idea if there’s a chance they make another run of them?

TRL, I gotta be honest with you, that’s doubtful at best.

These folks are really good dudes, and they care deeply about the University, but their entire business model is based around demand. For instance, this morning they dropped 4 new shirts. I would be willing to bet at least two of them sell out before noon. The other two will sell out by the end of the week. Their entire business model is about not letting the shirts sit, and either have to sell at an extreme discount, or take up space on the shelf.

They have made three UNC Charlotte shirts in their history. the first one didn’t sell well. The next two are some of their highest grossing shirts. I’m sure more are coming, but I definitely advise acting fast.

clt is considering a trademark suit on clt

I guess I was hoping they would do another run of it since it seemed to be so popular

I def understand. And from our perspective, that would be great. But I also get it. A small business T shirt company can’t run with stuff laying around. Gotta keep up demand.

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