9 points away from the Top 10

We have a really good team folks. I’m one of the most pessimistic whiners you’ll find in sports. But I got to thinking: WOW! 20 games into the season and look how really close we are to being 19-1. Only 9 more points over 3 of our losses and we’d be there. An average of 3 more per lost game. ONE more trey per game on average. Only 3 more FTs average per game. ONLY 9 more points spread strategically in 3 of our boxes and we’re 19-1 and in the Top 10!! That tells me we’re pretty darn good now and if we work just a bit harder in our remaining games to get and make a few extra FTs or 3s we will be scary good, just in time for dancin’. :thumbsup:

Well, if you’re counting “close losses”, what about “close wins”? Cincy, Indiana, etc. Shoot, take three points there, and that’s two losses. In fact, we should have lost Indiana, and for the most part, we did. Only a miracle saved us. Now, don’t think I’m crashing on the team, but I’m definitely not. Just pointing out…

a win is a win, a loss is a loss

…and a horse is a horse unless of course that horse is Mr. Ed.

Sorry, a little bored on Friday afternoon.

Here’s a stat for you:

In 2003 we were a mere 21 points away from winning 7 more games and going 20-9 and being a lock for the tourney.

7 games lost by 4 points or less, and we all know how THAT season turned out… <_<