A-10 Shootout

Anyone interested in participating in the A-10 shootout should go to www.atlantic10.com/shootout/ to registar!!!

It was already done in St Louis and apparently they had a good turn out so we have to top it!!

Even if you cant play basketball you should sign up because of all the free give-a-ways, food, and drinks.

Its gonna be a good time Tues. Nov 29 in the SAC.

Do you know what time they are planning on doing the Co-Ed shootout and how long it is going to take? I have to be somewhere by 7:15 at the latest, and I was hoping to still participate in the shootout.

I found a good partner and I’d hate to see her win with someone else cause I couldn’t make it.

they are all going to occur at the same time…at least as far as I know…what you should probably do is come and check in but tell the A-10 staff that you need to be one of the first ones to go

But you should definately still come for sure

Make sure you registar online first…it just makes the check in process so much more easier