A-10 Tourney headed to Atlantic City

From the Philly Daily News…

[i][b]A-10 tourney appears headed to A.C.[/b][/i]

November 10, 2005

The Atlantic 10 is holding a news conference at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City this morning. Nobody from the conference is saying, but a best guess is that conference officials are not calling everybody together to explain how they think the Terrell Owens saga should have played out.

An educated guess would be that they will announce that their tournament is moving to Boardwalk Hall in 2007. It is probably not unreasonable to assume a 2-year-deal, because that is what the A-10 has done in recent years.

The tournament was in Dayton, Ohio, in 2003 and 2004. It was in Cincinnati last season and will be there again this season.

Before moving to Ohio, the tournament was at the Wachovia Spectrum, an arena that lost its allure some time ago. The tournament never really caught on there during a 6-year-run. It was at the Civic Center in 1996. Before that, the A-10 Tournament had a 7-year-run at the Palestra, where the quarterfinals and semifinals became very hot tickets. The championship game was always played at the homecourt of the higher remaining seed.

Moving to Atlantic City will give the tournament some buzz.

There is never any shortage of people in town. The trick will be to get them away from the casinos and into the seats at Boardwalk Hall.

It will be easier to get more fans from the schools to show up. First, most of them will now be close enough to drive. Second, consider these destinations: Dayton, Cincinnati, Atlantic City.

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[QUOTE]There is never any shortage of people in town. The trick will be to get them away from the casinos and into the seats at Boardwalk Hall.[/QUOTE]

Let’s put some poker/blackjack tables in the hospitality area and slot machines in the concession areas. Comp everyone some red bull and vodka or your own favorite gambler’s delight and we’re set.

The seats are plenty close to the action. I’m all for it.

Excellent choice.

[QUOTE=HP49er;138786]The seats are plenty close to the action. I’m all for it.[/QUOTE]

There are not very many of them, though. Not sure what the exact capacity is for basketball, but it appears to be between 10,000-11,000. With the closeness of the facility to the schools in the northeast, tix may be harder to come by.

[QUOTE]The new seating bowl has been installed with 10,500 seats; 7,676 permanent seats, 432 Club Seats; 3,500 telescopic seats, and approximately 2,200 floor seats that can be arranged for specific seating configurations. The Club Seating area features carpeting, upgraded seating, a lounge area, and private food and beverage service. A total of 13,800 seats has been installed and can be easily configured to accommodate a variety of events. [/QUOTE]

[URL=http://www.boardwalkhall.com/history.cfm?section=histbldg]Boardwalk Hall History[/URL]

clt bets this will be a great venue.

Damn, thats one purrrdy lookin stadium.

I’m there in 06. Now only if the niner’s were in vegas instead of laramie. heh.

This is a perfect choice for the Atlantic 10 conference! Good job commisioner Bruno.

The A10 is about 1000x better administratively than CUSA

I love the idea of Atlantic City for a tournament site, but man, tell me that’s not (permanent) ice under that floor?

Nightmares of St. Louis. Nightmares, I tellya. :scared:

There is an ice hockey team in Atlantic City called “the Boardwalk Bullies”. Could be their arena

This is great news. We 're looking for a new place to check out. Ohio was getting real stale. My wife is a (rural) Jersey Girl and she has family nearby so it’s a win-win.

What the heck is that on the far wall? A painting?

I suggest the Borgata for lodging. It’s right across the bridge in Brigantine, new, and the casino is nicer and cleaner than anywhere downtown.

Here’s the official announcement:

Link: Atlantic 10 to Hold 2007 and 2008 Men’s Basketball Championships in Atlantic City

Also, website of the venue:

Link: Boardwalk Hall

[QUOTE=run49er;138857]Here’s the official announcement:

Link: Atlantic 10 to Hold 2007 and 2008 Men’s Basketball Championships in Atlantic City

Also, website of the venue:

Link: Boardwalk Hall[/QUOTE]

The background on the mural end is going to take some getting used to by the players when they shoot. It appears that it will be right in the background of the backboard. For the shooter, it looks like it would mess with your depth perception. We’ll see. I hope they cover it up or that it’s not as big of a deal as I think it could be.

[QUOTE]On the plaster valance of the proscenium arch is a beautifully designed mythological mural featuring Neptune and mermaids in shades of blue, green, and gold, with rose accents. A portion of the sky with billowing clouds is rendered in gold leaf. On the horizon of the scene, the 1929 skyline of Atlantic City is depicted

This looks like the last venue of Jake and Elroy!!! At least there’s a lot to do nearby.

[b][i]A-10 gambling that A.C. is a good venue for tourney[/b][/i]

Philadelphia Daily News
November 11, 2005

ATLANTIC CITY - If you are going to take a risk, this is the place. The Atlantic 10 in Atlantic City. Why not?

It was announced yesterday morning that the A-10 Tournament will move to Boardwalk Hall, nee Convention Hall, for the 2007 and '08 seasons.

The tournament has been sort of a vagabond. Boardwalk Hall will be its 10th venue.

“In our 30 years, we’ve had many formats for our tournament and various venues,” A-10 commissioner Linda Bruno said. “This is the first site we are going to be able to market as a destination.”

How will the tournament do here? It’s a guess, but there was no reason not to find out.

It did very well at the Palestra, not so well at the Wachovia Spectrum. It did very well in Dayton (attendancewise), but that was not a neutral court. It did not do well last season in Cincinnati (very poor turnout). It is in Cincinnati again this season.

“Two years ago, the Convention and Visitors Authority made a commitment to bring major sporting events to Atlantic City,” said Jeff Vesser, the authority’s executive director. “We had the A-10 in mind. Their member schools come from our market.”

They do indeed.

The venue, right on the boardwalk next to Trump Plaza, is unique. Dedicated on May 31, 1929, and home of the Miss America Pageant from 1940 to 2004, it has been a National Historic Landmark since 1987. A $90 million renovation began in 1998 and ended in 2001.

For those worried about such things, the teams will stay in nongaming hotels. Fans, alums and students can stay anywhere they want. The idea is simple. Get them in town and keep them there, eating, drinking, gambling, being entertained and taking some time to watch 11 basketball games over 4 days and nights in March.

“We took bids from several sites,” Bruno said. “This was the best bid.”

The future?

“The biggest factor is going to be attendance,” Bruno said.

What will make her happy?

“Sold out.”

Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw was in the advance party 18 months ago when Temple alum and former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan broached the subject of the A-10 in this city.

“The [arena] is the perfect size for the A-10,” Bradshaw said.

Boardwalk Hall will hold 10,000 for basketball.

“It’s neat for not only Philly-area alums, but the students from a radius of 200 to 250 miles, where it’s a bus ride or a car ride in here,” Bradshaw said. “The look of it is going to be collegiate. The 10,000 seats should fill up quite easily. The venue, the city, the opportunities, the excitement of college basketball here all look like it’s a ticket that someone won’t want to pass up.”

Vesser pointed out there is Delta service from Cincinnati right into Atlantic City International Airport for the great fans of Xavier and Dayton.

Each March, the New Jersey high school wrestling championships are held here. Last March, over 3 days, the tournament drew 39,400 fans to Boardwalk Hall. In 2007 and '08, there will be one weekend of hoops and one weekend of wrestling.

Val McGonigle, marketing director for Boardwalk Hall and the Convention Center, summed it up just as a marketing guru should: "It will really be March Madness in Atlantic City."

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Sounds cool… count me in. I just hope tickets aren’t too hard to come by.

I’d be down for that!