if we played in the a-10 with this years team it could be very possibilly be another st joes. I kind of wish we were in it this year execpt for the loss of the cinci game, becouse somehow it seems that the uncertainty of the move is being used against us in recruiting. some other team could put doubt in a players mind of weather bobby will stay around in the a-10, and it would be nice to just have that settled instead of it hurting our recruiting for a year. I think if bobby stays past this year then he will stay for life.

Final, not sure what you mean by the uncertainty of the move. I spoke with Judy Rose last night at the men’s soccer game and we are definitely moving to the A-10 in 2005-06. And as we both agreed, it will be great to finally be in a conference that wants us!

I’m not sure why Bobby wouldn’t want to be in the A-10. Afterall, the A-10 has, among other things, produced…

o Three national Players of the Year (Marcus Camby, David West, Jameer Nelson)
o Three national Coaches of the Year (John Calipari, John Chaney, and Phil Martelli)
o Six first team All-Americans (Marcus Camby, Mark Macon, Lou Roe, Jameer Nelson, David West, Delonte West)
o National Freshman of the Year (Mark Macon)
o Multiple teams to the NCAAs 17 of last 19 years
o Sent two teams to 2003-04 NCAA “Elite Eight” (something NEVER done by C-USA)
o Five players/alums selected in 2004 NBA Draft (more than the ACC)
o Currently has over a dozen players on NBA rosters

I don’t think Bobby has to make any apologies for being in the A-10. Sure isn’t hurting Sean Miller’s recruiting at Xavier…

It will hurt recruiting in the state and in the Southeast, but probably help recruiting in the Northeast. We haven’t recruited exceptionally well in the state, so that’s probably a wash. Although I think a move to the Big East (if we would have been so lucky) would have helped recruiting in-state, it still wouldn’t have allowed us to challenge the ACC schools.

But most kids, in my opinion, who aren’t from the Northeast aren’t going to want to come here as opposed to an ACC or SEC school. And you can put up all those accomplishments of the A-10 all you want, the bottom line is it’s still viewed as a conference of mid-majors. That’s just a fact we’ll have to deal with.

[b]And you can put up all those accomplishments of the A-10 all you want, the bottom line is it's still viewed as a conference of mid-majors.[/b]

I agree. However, these mid-majors make the best of the situation. We do leave the stigma of the major wannabe’s cincy, l’ville, memphis, etc. Seems C-USA never got the respect it deserved because everyone called them wannabes. I hate leaving games against Cincy, L’ville, etc… but since those teams have done nothing in March its not as hard to let them go.

So what the worst thing that can happen? Cincy, L’ville finally step and finish strong in march and we think the a10 sucks… well after last year a10 looked pretty darn good in march.

The absolute worse thing is if USF turns into a power and we remember what they were like prior to football. :slight_smile:

the a-10 is a good conference but the perception around here is that it is a weak conference,and thats what will hurt recruiting, you can throw out all the stats you want, but the perception (true or untrue) will always win out. I agree that bobby will want to be in the a-10 but up until we move over, other programs are gonna use it against us by saying that bobby is going to leave when we change.

Well, you guys can wallow in your “mid-major” all you want. Geez… :violin:

[b]Well, you guys can wallow in your "mid-major" all you want. Geez... [/b]

Nobody’s wallowing, but I just don’t think you’re fooling anyone by touting the accomplishments of the league. Those who really know college bball know that it’s a good conference. Those who marginally know college bball think it is a conference of mid-majors. They probably think Gonzaga’s in the A-10. The problem is, I think most recruits themselves fall into the second category. Hopefully, those that advise them fall into the first.

[i]Originally posted by finalfourtyniners[/i]@Sep 2 2004, 10:45 AM [b] I agree that bobby will want to be in the a-10 but up until we move over, other programs are gonna use it against us by saying that bobby is going to leave when we change. [/b]
Horse hockey... if anyone will simply look at Bobby's two daughters to find that answer. He's not going anywhere (unless fired) until they've finished high school unless a mansion on the moon is offered as a perk. The youngest daughter is 13, his contract runs through the 2008-2009 season. That's the story our assistants should be telling recruits.
[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Sep 2 2004, 12:01 PM [b] Horse hockey... [/b]
HORSE HOCKEY?!?!?!? :eek: :biglaugh:

HP, you really need to tone it down…there may be kids reading this.

Al, when did you become a card-carrying member of the Nice Police? :huh:

I’ll try to do better.

Is horse hockey the same as Polo?

HP is all over this one. Bobby’s not going anywhere. What would he do with his new house? I won’t elaborate, but he has no plans to go anywhere any time soon.


Someone mentioned how our in state recruting would be hurt by this… Honestly I don’t see that. We haven’t done all that well of late in NC to begin with. We have developed a few niche areas and hopefully will develop a few more, including Charlotte and NC/SC in general.

It can’t hurt, things can only improve IMO.

[i]Originally posted by Over40NINER[/i]@Sep 2 2004, 01:46 PM [b] Is horse hockey the same as Polo?