A favor to ask...

I am moving back down to Charlotte soon (I am only taking one class this semester, so I am commuting for a little while), and I was wondering if anyone knew of good affordable apartments (college students budget, mind you) or of any good job openings.

I have work lined up, but it is a part time job, and I will have to work as a sub/temp worker in my free time. I’d rather just have another part time job (with flexible hours) or a full time job.

An apartment isn’t as big a deal, as I have a place lined up, but I’m always looking for something better. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Still looking for work?

Nah, I’m all good. Thanks.

Good. It had been over 7 years, just thought I’d check.

You were unemployed almost that long right?

He was just married that long.

You were unemployed almost that long right?[/quote]

Na, never longer then 2 months. Appreciate the concern though.

Hey, atleast I can get a girl to say “Yes”.