A little shout in the Flem Files on ESPN.com

Top five things that should ease Charlotte’s Super Bowl Hangover:

That’s a slap in the face to have us be #5 and the Checkers #4.

how are the checkers above us, and unc-charlotte?

You guys have to consider the source. Not sure how familiar you are with David but it would be out of the norm for him to not take a shot at us. Back when he could actually get a gig as a co-host on Primetime, he would constantly put us down and refer to us as the “little 49ers.” It’s just part of his schtick.

I’ve seen him toss more than one good reference our way since he started on Page 2 at espn.com.

Even if we are “5 out of 5”, it’s still a good mention (pre basketball season!) on a widely read column on espn. Good stuff, gets me pumped about the season (I just read it on espn.com and immediately came here, heh).

it could have been a lot worse, he could have said that the tar holes were a bright spot for charlotte. :blink: