A loyal 49er needs your help, Niner Nation!!!

Jason Peetz (49er alumnus, cheerleader during his undergrad days, head cheerleading coach for the 49ers after graduation) and his family are in a contest being sponsored by Primrose schools (day care/school one of their kids attends). They have submitted a 30 second video, and if they garner the most votes by 11:59pm ET tonight, they will win $5000, and win a $30,000 donation for Levine’s Children’s Hospital here in Charlotte. Their youngest son has had several surgeries since being born after what were percieved/characterized as “against all odds”.

They are currently in the lead, but the 2nd place family is gaining some ground, and have shrunk the lead to just a couple hundred votes.

Follow the link below, and click Vote. If you are voting by smart phone, you can vote multiple times following these steps:
Go to the page and click “Vote” (stay on the page)
Turn on your Airplane Settings
Turn off your Airplane Settings
Refresh the page
Voila… click “Vote” again


If, after you spend the day and evening voting, you are interested in their son’s story, you can read up on it on their Caring Bridge site… Jonathan is who you are voting for! As well as all the kids who have been in, are in, or will be in Levine Children’s Hospital

Let’s do this NinerNation!!!




Cute video… Wishing the best for this family!

Vote Submitted!


I must be stupid, where’s the button to vote?

Closed at midnight, I think. Looks like they won. If so, congratulations to the family!