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I normally would think about posting a obituary on a message board, but this is rather unique. This is a friend of a friends father who wrote his own obituary. He had a long battle with Leukemia and new they end was coming and didn’t want anyone else to have to write his obit or didn’t think anyone else could write it as well, he was right. This is the first time the WS Journal has ever published an obit written by the deseased. Most of the local news channel have done a story on it and it has become something of a phenomena. I Hope you’ll read it, you’ll have gained a lot just by doing so.

Michael Royal Holcomb
CLEMMONS - Michael Royal Holcomb of 4312 Riverside Drive, Clemmons, and 4440 Nassau Court, Little River, S.C., died Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. I was born Jan. 10, 1949, in Christiansburg, Va. I was preceded in death by my parents, Joe Bill and Maggie Estelle Royal Holcomb; siblings Nick, Merle, Novella and Joe, “A Great American”; and a stepmother, Pernie Holcomb. My partner in life and best friend, Pamela Weavil Holcomb, survives me and at this point, I would like to list the million or so ways I love her, but in case you didn’t know, they charge for these things! Being tight, and with a lot to say, I’ll just quote a song that asks, “Will the love I gave her in the past, be enough to last, if tomorrow never comes?” Well, tomorrow didn’t come, and Pam knows! God gave us two sons, Michael Cain and Marc Christopher, both now living in Advance. We could not have asked for better children, and they know I mean it. Each son found his perfect wife. Mike married Krista, and Marc married Chandra. These girls are crazy about me, and I deserve it, and the feeling is more than mutual. Thank you girls for your love for Pam and me, and for being wonderful mates for our boys and moms to those “babies.” Those babies, our grandchildren, are Delany, the drama queen; Jacob, the sensitive engineer; Quinn, the courageous, wrestling, noise-maker; Jack, the Super Star, first blue-eyed Holcomb in history, always in attack mode; and the new guy, John Tanner, who will learn to fight early. These kids, along with Lauren and Alex, are the light of my life, flowering a family tree that was the strength of my day. I was so blessed and I can only hope you are as lucky as I - word of advice, never miss a chance to hug or kiss or tell your family how much you love 'em. It matters because there will come a time when you can’t! Accomplishments… I graduated from Davie High School in 1967, didn’t learn enough, had a lot of fun. I was way too smart for those teachers, and because of my less than enthusiastic scholastic effort, I became a member of the USAF, reluctantly loading bombs in Vietnam. To the 58,000 brothers that didn’t make it back, I sincerely thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. I voted for a Democrat twice, and I think it’s time to apologize for that. Neither won, so I guess there’s some consolation; nonetheless, I’m sorry. Never owned a tattoo, never needed one, never drank enough. I loved the arts, but I’m really thankful I never had to go to an opera. Really! Went to a ballet once, thought I’d never fall asleep. I loved sports, real sports, so someone please sustain my efforts to keep soccer offshore played by those cute, fuzzy-headed foreigners, and away from our innocent children, it could confuse their developing football senses. I earned N.C. plumbing license No. 7156-P, but I also was a salesman that loved the “pursuit.” I was a passionate Reagan, Panthers, Fife, Musial, Skynyrd, Dr. J, Newhart, Stones, Ali, Flair, Davey, Pryor, Butkus, Lee, Orr, Gibson, Irvan, Harry Chapin, Heels, Stooges and Cardinals fan, and nobody else; I barely tolerated their opponents and critics. OK, OK, “Sassy,” too. I have almost forgiven Don Denkinger. Almost! Still working on that. I did the civic thing, president of this club, secretary of that one, coach of several teams. Thankless work for whoever does it, but I loved that part of my life. I made dozens of friends, most of them chest high, and it always warmed my heart when they called me coach, even into their adulthood. I was a member of the Advance Masonic Lodge No. 710, and I was a very proud member of this church, Centenary United Methodist Church. I believe in God Almighty, His Son, Jesus Christ, and I publicly witness my love for them above all others, and ask forgiveness of my sins. I wish you would, too. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and because of that, I have no fear of my death. If you can imagine a place better than Clemmons, I’m going there! I was told there would be a memorial service conducted at 3 p.m. today, Jan. 31, at Centenary United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Cheryl Skinner and the Rev. Bob Nations officiating. Let’s use that time to celebrate the fun moments we shared - no tissue. Keep your thoughts light and happy and leave with memories that have you smiling; that would mean a lot to me. It is my wish to be cremated and my ashes either sold on eBay or placed in the Atlantic Ocean at the “Creepy Buoy” by a special group of very unlikely friends. That brings me to thanking you, my friends. Thank you all for your love throughout my life; it is amazing the effect you have told me that I had on your lives, some of it even positive. To those churches that didn’t even know me, and the hundreds of people in those churches who prayed for me, I thank you so much. I was proof that prayer works. Pray for all the caregivers, when you need 'em, you’ll know what I mean. I request no memorials, especially flowers, never learned to appreciate funeral décor, and don’t send flowers to the house. Pam will kill them, she is not a botanist. And with that money you might have spent, give it to my church, or take your family to dinner and cherish that time, or take mine, trust me, they’ll let you pay! I believe my purpose in life was to help friends cope with a bad moment - to brighten your day with my silliness, boundless charm and uncanny wit - if I ever made you laugh or smile, that was no accident. I always tried to make everyone a little happier, often at my own expense, and if I did it for you, I was successful. Actually it was a great run! I wanted to live long enough to be considered as one who has wisdom, or to be on Willard Scott’s TV show, or just own a Buick, but I didn’t make it.

That’s a bummer, but oh well, getting expensive, big ending: I love my boys. Mike, you are my absolute hero, the things you’ve accomplished in your life kept me in awe; and Marc, I always loved being with you, just being with you, maybe it was because we were so much alike. Thank you both for your love; and Pam, I never looked at myself as that good of a catch, yet you loved me dearly, you could not have given me more. I adore you! You are my “sunshine”, always, still, and forever. Now Cheech, it’s like our trips to Kmart, don’t hurry; I’ll be waiting for you… Mike’s family would like to thank everyone for their love and support - we could not have made it without you. So many people to thank - WFU, the people at the Cancer Treatment Center, everyone on Ninth Floor North Tower, BMT Unit - all of you were so nice to Mike, and he loved you all. Dr. Molnar for believing in him and helping him fight the good fight. Most of all - Dr. Kahl - you kept your promise his heart was there till the very end - you were his good friend.

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thats good stuff. upliftingly sad (if such a thing exists).

Jimmy, thought I might add this… [URL=http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=WSJ/MGArticle/WSJ_BasicArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1149192985404][B]Famous Words: Man’s self-written obituary touches many people who didn’t know him[/B][/URL].