AAC Basketball 🏀

Not sure what Penny said at halftime, but Memphis has outscored Mizzou 36-13 so far in the second half.


Memphis wins 70-55 after outscoring Mizzou 44-22 in the second half.

Meanwhile, UAB is choking vs Clemson in Asheville. Tigers have erased a 9 point deficit with a 14-0 run.


Clean sweep today:




FAU hangs on to the #10 spot in this week’s AP poll, while Memphis is just out in the ORV category.

SMU had a lead around halftime. Shame.

Watched a few minutes of FAU. That HS gym of theirs was rocking and they were hitting on all cylinders.

UTSA is dreadful.

As funny as that ECU game would be, we need them and USF to win those games. Bad losses for the league if they happen.

Upstate and Central are not good teams. Ugh…

ECU’s coach looks like Eddie Munster grew up and developed a receding hairline.

They just missed a FT down 3.

ECU misses wide open 3 and tip in at buzzer and loses 83-81.



Central was picked dead last in the MAC preseason poll… :face_vomiting: