AAC Basketball 🏀

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People like to complain about kids getting participation trophies all the time…

Isn’t that what they’ve turned the NIT into? A participation trophy for lazy, entitled, underachieving, unworthy “power” programs.

For a society that supposedly hates aristocracy, and fought a war to get out from under the yoke of one… We sure do rush to embrace it when it’s self serving.


Now your catching on!

If that had happened to some of the parents I grew up with there woukd have definitely been a Sherriff or two in the parking lot in vicinity of that Coach.

Sports have become perverse especially at the youth levels. 99% of the time it is about $$$ first then winning at all costs damn the rules or technicalities. Unless this was some big qualifying tournament then roll the ball out there and lets see!!

Did the Coach that walked off give any heads up he was going to do that before time and $$$ were incurred?

I guarantee the Coach that walked off said you would have done the same thing in my shoes.

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clt says youth sports are a profit generating machine

Yeah. Travel baseball teams with 22 kids on a roster and 3k - 5k a pop. SMH.

My favorite was a 5 - 6 year old travel BB team that practiced 4 nights a week for an hour and a half and parents saying they would not be doing HW for school because of the travel schedule. 75% of thise kids were the exact same player 5 years later and when 9th grade hit it was over for all but one.

My son claimed he said something like “F playing this game” and walked out. I was too far away to hear though. I watched him and his entire team march by us though and I’ll just say that I didn’t like the vibes I was getting from most of them. only a couple of the kids looked miserably wet and disappointed to not being playing. The rest were… Smug.

I’m biased but I think he had a pretty good idea that he was about lose. I watched at least part of every game Saturday, and Id have to agree. The weather didn’t help either though - it was crappy.

My advice to younger parents is keep your kids as far away from travel teams as you can. They pump up people that don’t know better by saying they can teach their kids and help them earn schollies when they graduate. A lot of people buy into it lock, stock and barrel. It’s a money making scam and not much else. Let the kids play rec and you’ll all be happier.

Problem is when the other parents let their kids do the travel thing, your kids feel left out or left behind. It’s a vicious fucking cycle and it’s a money pit

My fault for taking it so far off topic, but for soccer, there really isn’t much in the way of rec leagues past a certain age (usually 10). If you want your kid to play competitive games with any kind of structure and have an actual coach, you have to pay. And it isn’t cheap. Rec soccer at that age is an absolute joke, and the players are pretty awful too because they either don’t care / want to be there or they aren’t getting any coaching.

Youth / developmental soccer in the USA is broken but that’s an entirely different discussion.


And then they find out that baseball only has 11.7 scholarships and a 40 man roster.

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Nobody has ever explained to why this is the case for baseball. Doesn’t make sense.

We have two 20 point comebacks

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Should be us!!! :tired_face:

The short answer is Title IX.

USF is beating the hell out of Tulsa right now.

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Thank god, hope Tulsa never wins again

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