AARP Linebacker

Neat article about a 59 yrs old guy, whose finishing up his college football career. He was thrown off team his senior year and now he’s looking for redemption.

He really is a great promoter. Maybe we should look to him to lead our charge for a football team. This attempt is great for his sales job. He sales Powerbase training system. He now has a great new target group…babyboomers. If he can play football at his age, then other boomers will be trying this also. The boomers can relate to him—his father was Battle of the Bulge survivor. His youngest just enrolled in college, so he is an empty nester. He did something bad (like great boomer Pres Clinton) except he is asking for forgiveness. Boomers eat that stuff up. In all a great promo stunt.


20 bucks says he plays more games than Dan Morgan this year