Absolutely Disgusted

I’ve been a niner fan since about 1990. And much like most of you guys, I keep waiting for our program to take the next step and become a national powerhouse. It seemed for a while that we were poised to do this, but now I have officially given up. I think we have reached the pinnacle of 49er basketball. Hoping to make the tourney and if were lucky get dismantled in the second round seems to be the promise land for us niners. This team has two all american canidates on it. How many teams with two great players lost their last three games of the season or got knocked out in the first round of their counference tourney. Its embarassing the way this team has just decided to quit that last 2 weeks of the season. For some reason it seems like we never respond to national attention well. No matter what players are here or what coaches. Any time we get ranked we crumble. A week ago we had a chance at being a #3 seed in the tourney if we would have kept playing well, now were a bubble team. Oh well, maybe this team will decide to kick it in gear in the tourney.

Agreed. Anyone who has high hopes of the Niners being something more, get it out of your head. We’re a somewhat better than average team who makes the big dance regularly but never does anything else. We live in the shadow of the ACC and will continue to do so. We’ll continue to get no attention outside of the University area. No one knows who UNCC is, and it’s gonna stay that way.