After 18 Games

Our record is good but our schedule has been weak…everyone knows this…but how would you characterize this team’s play after 18 games??

I would break down our performance as such:

Good Performances- 3 (Alabama, UAB & Marquette)
Average Performances- 6 (LB, Valpo, Davidson, L-La, Indiana, TCU)
Bad Performances- 4 (Ga St, ECU(home), St Louis, Cent Conn St)
Awful Performances- 5 (Rutgers, UNC-A, Yale, @Cincy, @ECU)

By my observation, we play bad or worse 3X as often as we play well.

I’m sure the actual breakdown will differ with opinions…but I think that it is VERY obvious that we may be an Average-to-Bad Team that played above it’s head 3 times and below on 5 occasions.

Smoke and Mirrors. We have done NOTHING to deserve ANY recognition…nor does it look like the team has the heart to do anything better for the remainder of the year. We have too much talent to have 9 bad outings out of 18 games. We just have no heart.

It’s disappointing but it’s the truth.

Did you mean to put this on the smack board? I think we lack leadership at PG. Our starter is too passive and our backup is a freshman. Someone has to take over late in the game and will this team to victory. We’re a dangerous team…we just don’t know it yet.