After the Cable Car

Most of us said we’d be happy with 4-1.

It happened and I’m OK with it.

It was sloppy and ugly at some points but we scored more points than the other team 4 times.

These wins have put us in a good place. We’ve got 7 non home wins, a win over a top 25 team(I know), I know) and a couple of tune up games should put us in a good spot to face the Evil Empire at home.


I agree. This was a HUGE win and more important (in the big picture) than the Cincy game in my opinion. The guys we expect to step up, did so and we finally held on to a lead late in the game.

Could have done some things better but a 10 point win on the road at Marquette is great no matter how you got there.


good win. FT’s were horrible today. hope that gets better. maybe we’ll crack the top 25 this week.

[i]Originally posted by tm49er[/i]@Jan 22 2005, 06:05 PM [b] good win. FT's were horrible today. hope that gets better. maybe we'll crack the top 25 this week. [/b]
doubt it. national tv butt whipping by cincy. along with villanova coming out of the ranks into the top 25 after today kinda hurts. a lot of things will have to take place. two more wins next week will get us even closer though.

However, of course marquette lost, miami FL lost this week, and most likely will tonight, george washington lost and UCLA lost twice this week. those were the teams ahead of us.