After watching UC vs. Louisville

Here’s my take. First,too bad Cinci didn’t win,they’re just gonna want our game more…nothing we can do about that. The key,to me,is rebounding.I guess Withers will guard either Maxziell or Hicks. That should be a tossup. My big concern is how do we keep the other one off the boards with Martin? I really think we need Nance’s physical presence much more,we can get by without much off. from him. If we can hold our own on the boards we will win.

I think your right lucky -> as our first game proved controlling the boards will be a huge factor. I see Curt, Nance, EJ/ Iti up front -> we need rebounding.

yeah… i’m just praying to GOD it doesn’t turn out as bad as the last game… curt doesn’t need to be scared this game… and yeah - definitely nance in for iti… maybe iti in a little to score some here and there…

Ive been saying we needed Nance in for Iti all along in this game, but for some reason people on here keep looking back to last years game against Cincy where Ity had 13, too bad hes no where near the intensity this year that he was last year. Def. Nance for Iti.

If I were Lutz, oh how sweet it would be, but if I were Lutz, I’d start Nance for Iti saturday, and if Iti cried about it, I’d get a ladder and bitch smack his ass. :ph34r: wapoww

Nance is a machine, Lutz says he doesn’t play him more cause he doesn’t “go with that he thinks the flow of the game is.” The flow sat will be nasty and physical, and Nance is nasty and physical. But I do think Iti should play bout 15 minutes, maybe a little more depending how he’s doing.

Nope I disagree. Keep Iti in because I think he is gonna have something to prove as much as the whole team does against Cincy. KEEP ITI IN!

Nope, Iti isnt phyical enough, he acts scared, he has no hands, and he gets tired to quick. Nance is a thug, he can take the pushing and can do it back, he goes to the basket stronger whether its for a shot or a board. Iti sucks… GO WITH NANCE

I think the perimeter defense is the most important part. They got a million open looks against us and Louisville for the most part contested the three ball. They play great D in the man to man sets.

Keep Iti in, he will get it done. Nance has had one good game all year. Get off Iti’s back.

I also think we should stay in a zone for the most part of the game, other than maxiell. We played decent zone against ECU but got slaughtered when we went to a man defense.

Two words for Nance and Curtis: Pump Fake!!! Hicks likes to jump and is easy to get airborn. Getting the fouls called on him that he committs (which are many) is essential. Maxiell doesn’t fall for it as easy, but you make his shot-blocking easy when you don’t fake him some.

On the boards, we have to put an @$$ on their two big guys. Somebody has to EVERY time. We can draw over-the-back fouls on Hicks pretty easily if we’ll just box him out. The only way Hicks can score is from inside of 3’ and from the foul line. Keeping him from getting offensive boards won’t be easy, but he won’t be productive if we can.

Listen to JK. Contest the 3 ball and our big’uns need to guard their big’uns better. They hit 3’s against us because they were wide open. It’s a little different shooting with a hand in your face. Plus a zone is terrible for rebounding, no block-out assignments, you have to look for somebody and we don’t seem to that very well at times.

I think sincy’s PG is a weak link that we should exploit. He’s undisciplined and reckless. Put pressure on him, bump him and see how he reacts. Hopefully like he did vs loserville last night. What a mess.

I’m sure we’ll play more man this time with Mitch back, which should help our rebounding. I don’t think we can out-rebound them but we have to limit their shots.

Mitch has to be aggressive. I don’t see us winning unless he has a great game.

We’ll need both Iti and Nance on the defensive end to win this one. Curtis needs the ball in the right spots…and he’ll take care of getting the inside points.

We cannot be intimidated.

Plavich needs open looks.

Eddie has to be really disruptive and hit his shots.

It will be interesting to hear what Bobby thinks on Lutz Live.

[i]Originally posted by smooth1435[/i]@Feb 3 2005, 01:01 AM [b] Nance has had one good game all year. [/b]
thats because Lutz berely lets him see the floor. i think he had 16 points and 8 rebounds in just 18 minutes at UAB, and that might have been the longest he has played all year
[i]Originally posted by X-49er[/i]@Feb 3 2005, 07:18 AM [b] Two words for Nance and Curtis: Pump Fake!!! Hicks likes to jump and is easy to get airborn. [/b]
That is the correct answer. Its easy to get either Hicks or Max to jump in the air after a ball. They love to swat at the balls, but they're also pretty good at it. Guard penetration will also get them jumping and take them out of position for a rebound leaving room for an offensive put-back.

After watching that game last night I have 2 thoughts.

  1. We can beat Cincy on Saturday. I think they’ll be a little hung over from this very hard fought game and we can take advantage.
  2. We have the potential to lose by 50 when we go to UL due to our poor perimeter defense. I think we can win in the paint but if Garcia and Dean have open looks all game we’ll get ripped apart. With Mitch in I don’t believe they can press us into a loss, but they can shoot us into one.

But first thing is first, beat Cincy.

I agree that Nance should start over Iti. We definitley need a better rebounding performance and we can’t afford to give Williams and Mohammad too many open 3s. Having Mitch should really help our offense…

What happened between Iti and Lutz during the ECU game? Someone said they got into an argument or something, but I missed it… Anyone know what they were arguing about or what was said?

[i]Originally posted by X-49er[/i]@Feb 3 2005, 08:18 AM [b] Two words for Nance and Curtis: Pump Fake!!! Hicks likes to jump and is easy to get airborn. Getting the fouls called on him that he committs (which are many) is essential. Maxiell doesn't fall for it as easy, but you make his shot-blocking easy when you don't fake him some.


good point… if Withers can start the game off with a jam or a quick 2 pts he will have a great game but if he gets it thrown into the seats like last game i hope he doesnt lay down again… Pump Fake and go to the rack…


by the way we win by 8 this weekend

It doesn’t matter who starts between Iti and Nance. We will need both to have good games to win this one. Guys, please put your but on sombody and block out.

Iti goes for to many blocks and is not quick enough to get back in position to rebound. He does disrupt some shots inside.