Agent 49 Patron Football Recruiting Content thread

Since some aren’t thrilled with my content being behind a paywall, I’m going to start placing all my Football Recruiting related patron content in this thread as a way to isolate the discussion.

I’ve had a couple pieces over the last week that I didn’t thread, here they are:

Q&A with JUCO commit Devonte Reed:

Recruit Recon + Q&A with JUCO target Geovonte’ Howard:

Commitment post + Q&A with Desmond Morgan:

Commitment post + Q&A with Troy transfer Tyler Murray:

Recruit Recon with Buddy Mack, a 2020 :star::star::star: Safety from SC:

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Testing out a Patreon feature with this one. Patrons will have early access to see a 2020 QB that we have on campus later today…

Well I can confirm that as a non-Patreon with Agent 49, I am able to read this. I am guessing that is not the plan.

Spoiler alert: It would be good to be the screwer, rather than the screwee for a change!

I opened it up, so all can see it now. Patreon would not let me have it auto-unlock the same day.

Since he’s visiting today, just wanted to give my subs first access to the scoop.

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OK, well that makes sense. Thanks, and good luck to us.

Charlotte lands talented Edge transfer ($)

This one is open for all to view now. This is a huge get for the staff for next year.

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Q&A with 2020 :star::star: Darion Smith:

Commit Q&A with Comanche “Manche” Francisco:

Game 1 visitor list:

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I would like to sign a QB in the mold of Reynolds.



Hope we can get some stud big uglies on both sides of the ball and some speedy LBs

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I think Healy May have been a good hire. Maybe.


dont forget about the two transfers we have coming in on defense. should help replace what we lose.


think about this guys; highsmith, reynolds and finger were all walk ons.