AJ Harris NT/DT 2014 is very interested

This kid did not play his sophomore year so he is a bit unknown(has played ball for 10 years); however after this years awards are given out and his combine in March he will be gaining a lot of attention. I know this kid and he is a great kid who is also really good on the field. AJ is only 6.0 ft and 265 lbs but he is extremely strong and looks like a WWE wrestler. I know he is interested in the 49ers, so we can wait and see.

Background on this kid: AJ was voted freshman class president, has been voted most courteous by his class mates, has been involved with his church youth group for the past 6 years, including involvement several local mission events. AJ was one of the founding members of his areas football program, started both of his junior high seasons, and won the starting role at NT after the second game of his freshman year. During his first start AJ recorded 8 total tackles had 4 tackles for loss and 2 QB sacks. AJ ended the season gaining all region honors. AJ’s father is disabled and during the summer after his freshman year his mother had major back surgery, and AJ decided to get a job after school hours in order to help his family out. After his mother was able to go back to work AJ rejoined the Community High football team again in the spring of his sophomore year. During the first game of his junior season AJ had 8 tackles, 2 for loss of yards, and didn’t miss a beat. AJ finished the 10 game season with 60 tackles, 13 TFL, 1 sack, and 2 FF, from the nose tackle position. AJ also plays LT but only played a limited role this season as his coach wanted him strong for the D; he did finish with 8 pancake blocks off of about 20 plays. AJ has been on a strength & conditioning program for 6 years and it shows. In the 8th grade AJ could bench 275lbs, by his freshman year he was at 315, and could do over 350 during his sophomore year. On March 16th 2013 scouts will surely be salivating once they see him throw up 30 reps on the bench press like it is nothing, and once he continues to 40+ he should start to get noticed. AJ is an outstanding kid, and a really good football player, I hope he gets the opportunity with the 49res; however even if he doesn’t I think he will always remain interested in this program, because he said it reminded him of how he started playing in the first place. rs.

Sounds like a good kid. Where is he from?

Send AJ this link:

Prospective Student Athlete Questionnaire

he is from Unionville Tennessee plays on a 2a team in district 9

AJ submitted a questionnaire, but I suspect the 49ers are or will be doing some serious recruiting (recruiting higher profile and known athletes, and for 2013 first) so it will be a while before this kid gets noticed; however I really think after this spring many people will know about this kid so hopefully he fits what Charlotte is looking for and maybe will get some interest.

AJ was just named first team all district 9a, hopefully more awards to come. AJ will also be in Kinston NC on 2-24-2013 for the National Underclassman combine.

Can’t hurt to send in game tape to the staff either.