Alabama coach comments

A few comments that stood out:

“I like the way that our guys responded to that. I think it would have been easy to get down, especially in this environment, its a great basketball environment.”

“They’re very very very well coached. They give you fits and problems, thats one reason we fouled out so many guys. They went at us when we were in foul trouble and they knew what they were doing. It comes down to who makes the last play, thats the story of the game. It was like a heavyweight fight type of a game, it was unbelievable.”

“(Shelton) I was just trying to create space. I was trying to go to the basket. I was just trying to create a little space and try to get a shot off.”

NinerReport: Complete Post game press conference transcript

Nice of him to say but I didn’t expect anything more or less. I wasn’t expecting him to say “Wow that was easy.”