Alexander and the 2nd team

I had an intramural game today at 6, so I went to they SAC early to shoot. Plus I knew our guys would be practicing. I watched quite a bit of practice and was very surprised and happy. Lutz nor Moxley were there, Benny was running the show. Last week Plavich said after the ECU game, the first practice back, our second team beat them and thats what final sparked the flame that helped us beat Cincy. But after watching Alexander play I was very pleased. He was down right dirty. Saw him for about 30 minutes, he had 2 steals, 1 nasty dunk, 4 or 5 3’s , and was on whoever he was guarding like glue.

Bennett was also very impressive, but then again I love the way he plays and have been awaiting the day he gets to play in a Niner uniform. He shoots the long shots, and can drive like Mitchell.

But to my surprise, someone I hadn’t really looked at befor was Lewis. He was quick, a good shooter, and had great court vision. He was playing like a TRUE point guard. If he played maybe 20 minutes a game, he’d definetly have 10+ assists every time. In no way am I looking past this year, but I’m not worried at all bout next year. I don’t think Plav should have been that mad about our second team beating them, cause we got some nasty basketball players, just waiting to lace up.

Good to hear. It is tough to call it our “2nd team” when 2 of them are major transfers and Lewis is a redshirt freshman. All 3 should have a big impact on this team before their time is done. It would be different if Tripp Miller and Sager were burning our starters, but DA and Bennett are two of the more talented players on our team and would both be in the rotation if they were eligable this year.

Really good news about Lewis in particular, he seems to be an unknown at this point.

Great report. Keep them coming. Second team beating them was mentioned in the post game comments, too. Apparently, Bobby really got on them after that happened.