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The late Steve Marriott’s height listed as 5-4 and 5-5. His one time Humble Pie band mate Peter Frampton is 5-8. And the latter still had hair!


Google says Angus was 1 inch shorter than Malcom, who was 5’3”

New EVH 1X10

I saw that today. Dweezil is old now! So am I. He sounds great as always

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This is pretty good so far.

Edward on the first Zoom call in 1982

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We’re done 4 already but now we’re steady….! This is the version I learned years ago. Page gets grief for his lead guitar licks live, but he knocks it out of the park here

This is a very long, but worthwhile and entertaining to listen to for as long as you can.

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Extreme drummer k-Figg got that Don Brewer vibe going there with the hair and sideburns!

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Sammy got what he wanted. He got richer convincing Van Halen they should write pop songs about Love, love love. Ain’t talkin about Love , Show Your Love in I’m The One, those are real Van Halen “love” songs. The band lost integrity when they lost Roth. I can barely listen to vey few Van Hagar songs today, and only if it’s heavy on the guitar and light on the spammy

Found this interesting about “Black Dog” being inspired by the original Fleetwood Mac:

Among the many covers of “Oh Well” is one by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, featuring Mike Campbell on lead guitar. And, of course, Campbell eventually performed the song as a member of Fleetwood Mac!

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I had no idea John Paul Jones wrote the black dog riff! He is a genius! Everyone in Zeppelin was a musical genius when they played together. None of those 4 part’s could ever be replaced. Black Dog is an amazing rambling riff unlike any other and Bonham, Jones and Page weave that tangled web together so perfectly.

I had heard Tom Petty play this song and just assumed it was an old badass blues man cover. I had no idea that older version of Fleetwood Mac even existed, much less that it produced such a great song. That song is badass and was both ahead of its time and older than its time! Both Les Pauls are singing too!

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