Alrdidge Dissing the Niners?

[b]With minutes, Rodney White can score. He did so in Denver last season, but his defense kept him from getting more playing time. He's got to improve on that if he's going to get more minutes. He played his one season of college ball at UNC-Charlotte. Just wondering … [/b]

David Aldridge

Just wondering if he was saying something about our program when he is describing Rodney’s lack of defense.

That’s a diss to the Niners in my opinion. However lets be honest. Charlotte hasn’t exactly produce great defensive players with the exception of Basden who won’t play in the NBA.

I don’t think he is dissing us, he only played one season for us. Can you really say one season is enough for Lutz to improve Rodney’s defense?

That is only a diss because he refers to us as UNC-Charlotte (ugh!)

Paranoia strikes deep! No way he is dissin’ the Niners. I see it more the other way around, giving us a bit of a shout out.

White is the first player he mentions, even giving him headline billing (yes, I realize someone else probably actually writes the headlines). That is a good thing. He is also the only player whose school is mentioned. That’s a good thing too, given that Lutz’s reputation is of someone who specializes in defensive schemes.

Giving the college of the top guy in an article of people he thinks should be getting interest is good advertising for the Niners, IMH).


This article was not the main link. The main link was talking about the super star free agents. On the side of this was a break down of a bout 6 different groups of FA’s. The link to Rodney was under the other players.

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