Alumni/Panthers Tailgate

Well, the Panthers are not hosting College Day this year, so we decided to put our own deal together. Apparently, after you go on a Super Bowl run, you don’t have as much trouble selling tickets the next year.

Here’s the deal:
We have 49 tickets for the August 28th Panthers game vs. New England. The seats are located in section 510. We will be tailgating in the parking lot at the corner of Mint and Quincy Streets. That’s about 2 blocks south of the WFNZ Dog House. The tickets are $49 and include BBQ and beverages. If you already have tickets for the game but still want to tailgate, the cost is $15. We’ll be set up from 5-7:30 pm. Space is limited, so please notify us ASAP. The deadline to RSVP is August 23rd. To RSVP, email me at

What section are the tickets in?

[i]Originally posted by 49erAlumnus[/i]@Aug 11 2004, 03:14 PM [b] The seats are located in section 510. [/b]


What are the details regarding the parking at the tailgate? I’m assuming we pay the parking lot folks? Are there any landmarks near this parking lot?

We’ll be a lot easier to find now that iam4uncc has agreed to fly his 49er flag over the site. If you would like to park in the lot at S. Mint and Quincy streets, you are welcome to. That lot is a little pricey though ($20). If you’re coming by, you may just want to park in another lot and wlak over to where we are.

Great job by the Alumni Association staff in putting this together. Brothers BBQ did a wonderful meal with pleanty of great food.

A good time for all (and the game wasn’t half bad either)!