ALUMNUS in Austin

Had a great time watching the W on the big screen at Rhino-and-Jocks with other alumni here in town. Kudos to 49erAlumnus who made the trip down (And says “Hi” to everyone here on the boards). Surprisingly, he is much, much quieter when watching the games on TV than live. :o I shall return the favor by showing Alumnus how we celebrate victories down on 6th Street! :smiley: I fear for my liver tonight!

austin, take care of Nick tonight. He didn’t survive too well at the Hofbrauhaus on Wednesday. Glad you had a nice 49er event.

And don’t let him play with that Blackberry tonight, I don’t want an email from him. :stuck_out_tongue:

will do HP. If you get an e-mail after 8pm, you have my permission to give him hell.

HP, I didn’t survive too well? I thought that I held my own. After all, I was the one who remembered how to get back to Christy’s after the game.

Austinniner, thanks for the hospitality! I had a great time hanging out with your crew. I’m definitely coming back!

BTW, there is a NCAA regional in Austin this year. The Niners should strive to make the Sweet Sixteen in a bracket that sends us there. Niner Nation would love 6th street.

You did hold your own then, it was lifting those big glasses where you had the difficulty. :toast: Glad you had a good trip to the Lone Star state.

Glad to see you made it back OK. I however, woke up sick Sunday morning

Yeah, Alumnus called me in a slightly altered state from Cincinnati on Wednesday. Funny, funny stuff.

I hope we can all meet up at BW3’s in Greenville this Saturday and take advantage of their 23 oz. drafts. Yum.