Another mid-major definition

From a Washington Post story:

“If you take away the brand identification on the jerseys and just put the players out there, the teams are a lot closer than people realize,” Elgin said. “There are good players and coaches all over the country. Being a mid-major has nothing to do with talent. It’s about how much television exposure you get.”

Hey Mike,

Question for you. Why is it that you put this nice article about Eddie on and have it followed by the ACC standings instead of the c-usa standings? I did scroll down and eventually find them, but why not put c-usa standings first?

missy, I’d asked that question earlier…

[b]the print version, there are two columns of type, with the ACC at the top of one and CUSA at the top of the other. But when you send them to the typesetter, it's one long string of text split into two legs, with ACC, SEC and Big South in the first leg, and CUSA, Southern and Others in the second leg. The website picks up what we typeset. Believe it or not, it's not a conspiracy, just the way it works technically. [/b]

Doug Elgin called Bobby Lutz on October 20, 2004 and asked why the 49ers wouldn’t schedule teams from his conference.

And the response: Bobby told him that he had contacted both Creighton (17-10, RPI 69) and Soulthern Illinois (21-6, RPI 13) and they showed no interest in playing the 49ers.

Maybe they want to remain mid-major. :rolleyes:

HP, trading Southern Illinois and Creighton for UNC Asheville (#206) and Long Beach State (#272) sure would have been a boon for our RPI earlier in the season. Guess it wouldn’t hurt too much now, either!

I doubt he would’ve scheduled both in the same season, but I thought the Southern Illinois series had been good. SIU simply doesn’t lose on their home court, I think the 49ers are the only team to win there in forever.

Charlotte ended a 31-game home streak for the Salukis on 1/2/04, 65-59. They’ve not lost at home since (21 games) and currently have a 34-game home conference game win streak.