Another Observer Blunder...

We were left out of the GameDay Carolina’s Teams in Action today:

[QUOTE=switchfoot;219065]We were left out of the GameDay Carolina’s Teams in Action today:[/QUOTE]

yep, I noticed it this morning over my coffee and paper- in the hard copy.

I had to go to the radio listings to see when our game was.

I’m sure it was just an editing error in some early editions. No way the sports dept. would’ve tried to do that.

When I 1st saw that, I thought, "Cool, they must have a special article on us, on the next page."
But then nothing.
And why doesn’t the damn Niner channel carry it?

How surprising.:rolleyes:

i dont think the observer can figure out if they like us or not - one day an article, the next a mentioning of a western carolina vs davidson game, and nothing about our game

and also - i say we campaign payin 10 bucks in student fees to pick up all the away games on the niner channel - its not like they arent jacking fee’s up anyway…

If you ask the disturber what happened. I’m sure there will be excuses such as ". . . want more coverage? win more and you will get more . . . ". And, there will always the famous line “. . . it’s not our job to cover Charlotte”.

theres over 21,000 person market here at u of charlotte

maybe if we were guarantee’d some coverage of our boys, we would read.

Asking for coverage from the disturber is almost as possible as all of the sudden the A-10 fires all the rejects and hire quality refs.:tongue:

Asking for coverage from the disturber is almost as possible as all of the sudden the A-10 fires all the rejects and hire quality refs.:tongue:

you win!

Who really wants “more coverage” of the team we are this year? I don’t. I get enough just reading the scores. I WILL be pissed if we rebound next year into a decent team and we don’t get some ink, but that won’t happen. ALL things come to winners, especially attention, and I think the O will notice if that happens.

[QUOTE=49er1;219361]…ALL things come to winners, especially attention, and I think the O will notice if that happens.[/QUOTE]

BULLSHIT !!! They have never noticed us before.

Well… actually they have… maybe [B]“ACKNOWLEDGED”[/B] is a better word to use than “NOTICED”.

We are talking about the same newspaper whose sports editor got mad because we moved up in the ranks and joined CUSA 12 years ago, aren’t we?


Hey, folks! I take a weekend off from the board and it’s a conspiracy? Sorry, gotta have a life sometimes.

I agree with you about the capsule. There was game information (although not the gametime) in the A-10 notes, plus other Niner items, and it was decided that was enough by the Friday crew. It wasn’t enough, I’d like to have seen a capsule.

As for Over40s assertion about me and CUSA, three things:

– I wasn’t sports editor 12 years ago when Charlotte joined CUSA, so his timeline doesn’t work, and

– Since I’m in the business of selling newspapers, why would I be opposed to a schedule that included Cincinnati, Marquette, Memphis and Louisville over what you had before that, or, for that matter, what you have now? Those teams brought juice to Halton that is sorely lacking in the A-10. And

– We can and do write about you. I’ve never said it wasn’t our job to cover you; it is. It’s not, however, our job to promote you. That’s what I’ve said before, and it’s still true.

Sure as heck made me feel like the paper located 2 hours up the road cover with material has nothing to do with the Charlotte 49ers. And, everything with everyone else; which I don’t care to read about (that was way back in the Metro Conference days when I quit subscribing). I don’t think Charlotte needs any sympathy. Cover us when you guys don’t have anything to write about. That is what so called " let’s throw the Niners a bone or something". Cover Charlotte as we’re a [SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkGreen]hometown team [/COLOR][/SIZE]and you get my quarter. It’s just simple as that. I’m sure many of Charlotte grads feel the same way I do. Until then keep up the good work with your toothless Wal Mart tar hole fans.:tongue:

I’m sure there are people who don’t care about many of the topics covered in a daily newspaper. I don’t read the reviews of the symphony or the business “On the Move” section, but someone does. It’s a cafeteria, and you choose what you want and move on.

Here’s an excercise for you, though, 89. List the top five stories in college basketball in the Carolinas this season. Not YOUR top five, but THE top five.

Mine would be:

  1. North Carolina spends much of season in top 5.
  2. Duke, in what is supposed to be a down year, plays great defense and perseveres.
  3. Davidson and Appalachian State battle in the Southern Conference, probably fighting for one bid.
  4. Sidney Lowe and N.C. State beat top opponents, but struggle at times, in his first year.
  5. Winthrop wins Bracket Buster game, looks like Big South’s lock for NCAA tournament.

That said, we’ve been at every game the Niners have played except Hawaii games. I can’t say that about any of those other schools. Plus written a ton about football. Plus written about the women’s team’s fine season, including a couple of features. But we don’t “cover” the Niners? Please.

As I recalled this is Charlotte. I don’t give a flying rat’s about other schools. “Cover the 49ers MORE and I’ll buy”. Does that sound familiar to you ??? Here’s an exercise for you:

  • How many front page the 49ers get this year compare to unc-ch? (keyword again: [COLOR=DarkGreen][B]HOMETOWN team[/B][/COLOR], and I don’t give a flyin’ rat’s . . . about how the tar hole being rank and how Roy had OD himself over doughnuts this morning or how many geese got kill at Davidson ect… After all, again this is Charlotte last I check).

In order to get me to subscribe again . . .cover the Niners more. You stated “your” preference. This is my only prefer reading material the [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkgreen][SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkGreen][I][B]“49ers”[/B][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] and “nothing” else. Kind of simple don’t you think Mike?

you are right, but wasting your breath. many people, and apparently most on this board, refuse to look at the whole picture of things. instead they will focus on some meaningless negative point and beat it to death. you will never change their minds. for the life of me, i dont understand why you even respond to such trivial whinery.

I simply stated the facts and my requirement for subscription with the “Charlotte” paper again. Which parts you describe were “whinning?” I never begged for coverage. As far as I’m concerned you can bite me and bite me hard, too. . . pickman.

I’ve always liked the way certain posters never post with the exception of coming on here to defend the Observer. They always twist the statements made by our real fans. Sorta makes you wonder.

And Mike, I took 11 days off, so don’t think you’re special… and it’s my understanding that you were opposed to us joining CUSA 12 when we were trying to get into that conference… you and some other tarhole cronies.

And for the record, why are ALL Observer “blunders” NEVER in our favor? Every one of the “blunders” seem to always work against us.