Any buzz with PLL (lacrosse) in Charlotte?

The Premier Lacrosse League sets up camp in CLT this weekend at American Legion Memorial Stadium. Week 2 of the season in NC. Any buzz at all on local media? The league just joined up with ESPN so easier access to televised events. My son jumped over from club soccer to lax and seems like he’s not the only one…game is exploding in RDU area and other cities in NC.

2022 PLL Schedule

What happened to MLL? There is now NLL and PLL.

Lacrosse doesn’t seem to have enough money at the professional level to have competing leagues.

PLL merged with MLL 2 years ago… really PLL absorbed them and created another team from some of their players. The PLL has a lot of momentum behind the Rabils and ESPN exposure should help. There is some positive chatter about Paul Rabil and some innovative ideas he is willing to try with pro sports. I have no idea of what to expect in Charlotte this weekend with atmosphere. NC adding another Div1 team w/ Queens and the amount of kids that are learning the game is interesting.

It’s a bummer the hounds died, hopefully the queen city can acquire a new club!

Its a traveling road show at the moment, but they say eventually they would like to assign the teams to cities.

Went to PLL tonight. Great final game with OT finish. Crowd was ok but not great. It’s a long day to make it through 2 games. Seemed to be lacrosse fans from all over the state.

Was the game at memorial? If so. How’s the revamped facility?

Memorial worked well for PLL. Field and stadium were right size. It looked great in person and on tv with skyline shots. Video board there was really sharp.

On the downside,.the concessions could not handle the smallish crowd. PLL didn’t need all the seats this weekend but they needed more concourse space for merch and non-field entertainment.

Good to hear about the positives. I haven’t been there yet but the location and sight lines and backdrop are pretty epic for a minor league or startup league or HS. Hopefully they can fix the concourse space issue and the concessions.

HS sports at memorial would be superb. Gotta be a way to get some state championships there for soccer and lacrosse plus some good local Charlotte area football games.