Any internet broadcast for Davidson game?

Little help here for a New Orleans Niner would be appreciated.

i’m afraid not, no. i’m just over near asheville and have no way to listen. yahoo is too iffy!
i find that the best way to keep up is to follow jim utter’s notes on the shoutbox!

yahoo shows that it will broadcast it (you have to be a subscriber though)

google ‘Wfnz Charlotte, NC’ click on listen live. the live (?) program is on now; i assume the game will be on live too.

well, maybe not. it sounds like the program that’s on now was recorded this morning. but try it anyway.

it’s WFNZ AM

I subscribed to yahoo broadcasts for two months and haven’t been able to listen to a game yet. I’ve tried in Firefox, Explorer, pop-up blockers turned off, volume turned up but have yet to get a peep out of it other than one time it told me that “Your broadcast is not available, please try again later” or something like that. I cancelled my subscription.

Yahoo blows…

I’m on WFNZ “listen live” and it’s a sports talk show. Is the game on another station?

To all… WFNZ 610AM does not carry the 49ers any more and hasn’t for a couple of years. WFNZ 1660AM is the turdish station that airs the games. 610AM is streamed on the internet, 1660AM is not.

As a side note: I know of someone who sat in their vehicle at Cape Lookout last Thursday night and was able to pick up the game on 1660AM. Funny how that signal can’t go outside of uptown Charlotte but folks on the Outer Banks can hear it.

yahoo isn’t the best service around, but for 5 dollars a month, its worth being able to see the team play even if it is rather low quality.