Any Niners coming to Milwaukee?

Marquette fan here. Just wondering if any of you are making the trek up? Good luck to ya, well not that much luck!

Yeah…we’re gonna come disguised as empty,smelly seats!

[b]Just wondering if any of you are making the trek up?[/b]

No, but I am making the trek DOWN. Of course we are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow on top of the 6 we already had this week so driving might suck.

I never miss a chance to see Charlotte beat up on the yellow team, especially on “National Marquette Day”, what a joke that is.

I will admit that Real Chili is awesome, I might have to get a bowl Saturday night. But the Warriors suck as do the Yellow Eagles or whatever you are called.

I’d love to come up, but the only ticket’s I could get for the BC were nose bleed.

Is it possible to get good lower bowl Tickets?

Lower bowl seats are all season tickets.