Any official word on Iti?

Sounds like we have written him off, do we know for sure he has left us?

This is straight from my reliable source , Mr. Reno, who has not let me down yet. The NBA scouts have told Iti that his stats will look better if he goes to a Junior College. This is enticing his guardian to point him toward the JUCO ranks! Well no sh!t! My grades would have been better had I gone to unc or wake but who wants that label?

There is a rumor that Bobby will be playing in the pro am part of the Greater Hickory Classic held at Rock Barn this month in his home county of Catawba. It could happen the morning of the 18th. So goes the rumor…

Iti will take the Kerry/Edwards approach. Image over substance…
“To seem rather than to be”

[b]The NBA scouts have told Iti that his stats will look better if he goes to a Junior College.[/b]

He’s not going to fool the scouts by padding his stats against JUCO centers, and he won’t be seen as much either. PT is not the issue, as Iti played almost every available minute when he wasn’t tired or in foul trouble. I don’t think it will be much different this year. He’ll be making a big mistake if he doesn’t stay, buy we know this already. We’ll be good without Martin, but we have a chance to be great with him.

I bet he really tears it up against those 6’5" JC Centers. He’d better hope he does . Leaving Charlotte could wind up being one of the worst decisions he’s made.

Kedrick Brown anyone?

JUCO to NBA has NEVER EVER been considered a good thing. You simply are not prepared to play NBA basketball by playing JUCO. I’d take a HS’er over a JUCO player because they learn such terrible team basketball habits. Look at all our JUCO players. Most take a year merely to adapt before they really contribute.

If it’s a Vincent Grier leaving to go back to another DI school, that’s one thing. But using JUCO solely for NBA prep is stupid.