Any Triad niners going to Fox and the hound??

HP? AL?? Anyone???

Jimmy, I may go over, depending on the weather. It won’t be on anywhere in High Point that I’m aware of.

Not sure…got a pretty big day planned actually. The wife and I are going to Home Depot and maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond if there’s enough time. :smiley:

It will prob. be a game time decision for me.

Geeze, like there’s anything to do in Yadkinville. Once I set foot in the city limits, I get so bored I pass out.

Powerbait, be glad the game was Wednesday night. Look what greeted Cincinnatti Thursday afternoon… 5" and an additional 1-3" with ice and sleet today.

The walk to and from the Rathskellar would have been tough. :toast: