Anybody calling into Lutz Live?

Lutz has always said that he doesn’t dodge questions - anybody got plans of calling in tonight? I was hoping to make it home in time to listen to it but it looks like I will be at work late.

It’s a week from tonight.

[i]Originally posted by forDniner[/i]@Mar 23 2005, 04:04 PM [b] Lutz has always said that he doesn't dodge questions [/b]
That's true. The screener gets to do that! :P

I hope someone asks what everyone’s wondering. If he was looking elsewhere while the Niners were getting the shit beat out of them the last four games of the season.

It’s not on tomorrow night.

Lutz Live moved to next Wed (March 30, 7-8), And no, it’s not related to the UT thing,

I hope someone will record it and post it here so we can listen.

I’ll call in and ask him all of the hard questions that you guys want him to answer. I’m gonna go Geraldo Rivera on his ass.

[i]Originally posted by UABHecklerIsBack[/i]@Mar 23 2005, 05:26 PM [b] I'll call in and ask him all of the hard questions that you guys want him to answer. I'm gonna go Geraldo Rivera on his ass. [/b]
Why are you hanging around our board, Loser? Nobody here cares about Mike Anderson or anything else you want to talk about.

Go fist yourself.

PREDICTION…That show NEVER happens with LUTZ next week. If i’m wrong i’ll come right here and apologize…promise!

I disagree.


I don’t think that show will happen either.

Last year when Coach Anderson was flirting with Auburn he didn’t show up for the final coaches’ show. They said he was off recruiting, which was partly true, but he was also being recruited himself so they did not have the show.

Even if Lutz removes his name from consideration or UT hires someone else I don’t think he’ll go on with the show simply because there are going to be many of you that feel betrayed that he even talked to UT, regardless of what his intentions may have been.

In my opinion your call-in show would be much better with cltniner being the fill-in guest for Lutz.

Shut up. Nobody cares about you, uab or mike anderson.

Go hang out on the uab board with the other 2 fans.

You suck at smack.

Pat Summitt could beat your ass.


I just realize that you love us Niner dearly to hang out here even the season is over. And, eventhough we are no longer in the same conference you are still coming over and hang out with us. Promise you write and come back from time to time. I am sure Niner Nation feels the same way about you, too.

It’s not smack. I’m just stating a fact. Nobody cares what some loser uab drop out thinks.

I’m going to slap you in public you scorpion woman!

You are just pissed because if Lutz leaves then that means you won’t get anymore mustache rides.


Dick Head [/b]


clt will be too drunk to do the show thursday.