Anybody else happy that we landed Withers

There sure was a lot of aingst when discussing Garrison’s recruitment on the ACC/Maryland Board. No way I’d trade.

                     GMS  MIN  PTS REB AST TO STL BLK FG% FT% 3P%

Travis Garrison 22 24.5 9.5 6.5 0.9 1.4 0.3 1.2 .453 .841 .375

Curtis Withers 20 32.4 16.4 8.4 2.1 2.9 1.1 0.9 .446 .689 .485

I don’t know, he’s ok I guess…nothing to shake a stick at really, but not a bad player. 39 and 14, those are ok numbers, good enough to keep his scholarship, but should we really go so far as to say we’re “Happy” we have him?

Were all the recruiters wrong or as Lutz and his staff developed a player, and a big man at that?

If I recall correctly I believe there for folks on this board who complained that Curtis was lazy and didn’t bring it every game.

[i]Originally posted by CPA_Niner[/i]@Feb 16 2005, 12:09 PM [b] If I recall correctly I believe there for folks on this board who complained that Curtis was lazy and didn't bring it every game. [/b]
amazing how a guy can develop a bad wrap (as well as how an opinion can stream roll).

Funny how people’s memories can be selectively long or short.

about Iti - long and short selective memory :huh:

about Curt - short selective memory

[b]Were all the recruiters wrong or as Lutz and his staff developed a player, and a big man at that?[/b]

I had neighbor that played with him at West Charlotte who said that did not bring it every game, but you could tell he was a very good player.

He didn’t bring it this year until after the loss at Cincy. But now he sure as hell is bringing it–and whatever it is–is mad as hell, and you’d better get out of the way.

You guys like my run-on sentences?

Curtis Withers scares me now.

I don’t think that the criticism of Curtis was completely unfounded. He was listed as a potential national player of the year candidate at the beginning of the season, and quite honestly, he didn’t look like that kind of player for much of the season. He was still a good player, don’t get me wrong. But he definitely wasn’t playing to his full potential, and he really did look kind of lazy out there, especially because he was hanging around the perimeter a lot. He still looks slightly sluggish from time to time, but he’s become much more of an inside presence since the loss at Cincinnati.

First 14 games
Total points: 197
Points per game: 14.1
Total rebounds: 107 (45 offensive, 62 defensive)
Rebounds per game: 7.6 (3.2 offensive, 4.4 defensive)
Offensive rebound percentage: 42.1% (45-107)
Field-goal percentage: 42.2% (70-166)
Field goals per game: 5-11.9
Three-point field-goal percentage: 47.8% (11-23)
Three-point field goals per game: .8-1.6
Free-throw percentage: 64.5% (40-62)
Free throws per game: 2.9-4.4

Last 6 games
Total points: 131
Points per game: 21.8
Total rebounds: 59 (26 offensive, 33 defensive)
Rebounds per game: 9.8 (4.3 offensive, 5.5 defensive)
Offensive rebound percentage: 44.1% (26-59)
Field-goal percentage: 48.9%
Field goals per game: 7.5-15.3
Three-point field-goal percentage: 44.4% (4-9)
Three-point field goals per game: .7-1.5
Free-throw percentage: 74% (37-50)
Free throws per game: 6.2-8.3

He’s scored only 66 fewer points over the last six games than he scored in his first 14, and is averaging 7.7 more points per game than before the loss at Cincinnati. His rebounding has also gotten better, as he’s averaging 2.2 more rebounds per game recently. As he’s been playing inside more, his percentage of offensive rebounds has increased slightly from 42.2% to 44.1%. He’s taking roughly the same number of three-pointers (1.5 per game vs. 1.6 per game during the first 14 games) and making a slightly lower percentage (44.4% vs. 47.8%), but his efficiency on the offensive end has increased pretty significantly. He’s now taking an average of 3.4 more shots, and making an average of 2.5 more, per game, increasing his field-goal percentage from 42.2% to 48.9%. Perhaps the biggest sign of his improvement is in his free throws. During his first 14 games this season, he shot only 62 free throws and made only 40 of them (64.5%). That worked out to roughly 4.4 free throw attempts per game. Over the past six games, he’s averaged 8.3 attempts and 6.2 conversions per game, good for a free-throw percentage of 74%. He’s made 37 free throws over the past six games, only three fewer than in the first 14, on 12 fewer attempts. Not only has he increased how well he’s shooting at the line, he’s also increased the number of times he’s getting there. While his stats from the first 14 games are good, he’s been a beast lately. People knew he had it in him, they were just waiting for him to figure it out too.

He is a big game player, which is a good thing.

I’m telling ya, it’s the Curtis Withers rope-a-dope.

To be honest, Garrison wasn’t really that much higher ranked of a recruit than Withers out of high school. They were both highly ranked, and there were members of this board (myself included) who really would rather of had Withers b/c of the need to keep local talent here. He is a substantially better player than Garrison, as it pertains to college performance…but he wasn’t exactly a ‘sleeper’ recruit at Dub C.