Anyone going to the MTSU game?

That’s right, I’m back on the board! I hope you all enjoyed NNN sans-chisox while it lasted. Despite rumors that I went undercover into the Athletic Department as spy hired by the #SBG, the truth is I spent the last two years deep in the Belgian mountains perfecting the art of brewing Trappist beer among the monks. I’m ready to pick up where I left off, so down to business…

Due to family obligations, I missed out on going to the GA State and Presby games, so the wifey and I will be traveling to MTSU to see win #3.

Who else is down?

clt would attend if we were playing ETSU. MTSU is too far for the zep.

The wife and I picked 3 away games for this year. MTSU was the first one that didn’t make the cut. She works Saturdays but if there was a bus for this one I might go on my on. Have heard nothing so far though.

I’ll be there!

There were other folks at the game that wanted to know if there would be a bus going to Nashville/Murfreesboro. Might be able to fill one.

I’ll road trip with anyone who wants to go.

Won’t happen. JMHO.

Won’t happen. JMHO.[/quote]

What kinda strip clubs does mufreesboro have? :wink:

Can we assume SCK has already done his homework?

Strip clubs? I don’t know what you’re taling about. I respect women for their minds.

Yes, their sweet, round, juicy, bouncing…um…minds. :wink:

anybody know if this game is going to be on tv or at least espn3

[quote=“Star Wars Maniac, post:12, topic:29818”]anybody know if this game is going to be on tv or at least espn3[/quote]Not looking like TV at this point, you can watch it only for a fee:

clt asks if the feed is any good on a 56k modem?

if so, clt may need to upgrade this week.

DON’T wear black if you go.

I’m out. Grandma wants to look at tiling for the kitchen on Saturday morning. I just told her two weeks ago about the sanctity of College Football Saturday, but she either forgot or doesn’t care.

still holding to hope it miraculously gets picked up by someone! not allowing myself to believe I will not be able to watch >:D

What section are the Charlotte fans sitting? Assuming a few may be there.

I’m in 2J and got my seats through our AD.

Video link for the game: