Anyone having a bad day and need a good laugh?

Read this Davidson litter box thread. Pure entertainment!

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Thank you for sharing this. The amount of butthurt in that thread cannot be calculated using current technology.



I can’t believe the one poster thinks the officials “let them play”. It was a foul almost every time down the court for periods of both the first and second half. I can’t imagine what more they could want, except maybe ejections for looking at the crowd funny.

I thought most of the guys on there were making pretty good comments.

A few are bitches and I think they called out by their own.

That class of 70 dude is real butthurt. The last post I saw is about them wanting Davidson to move to the A10 so they can really be our rival. ROFLCOPTER.

That was fantastic.

What a bunch of whinny losers. They don’t know what heated rivalry means. Maybe the teams and and fans should share afternoon tea at 5:00 PM before every game. Granted, some of their comments were right on. Ironically, playing games like ours help teams better prepare for tough physical games later. Playing a DIII team in a quiet gym won’t help you come March.
My favorite quote was “…Halton is a miserable place to watch a game. Descent into barbarism…” Good, we want it to be miserable for ALL opposing teams and their snotty nosed fans. It’s called giving your team a home court advantage, obviously something d’son knows nothing about being able to provide with their whine and cheese crowd.

That guy really compared us beating them in their middle school gym to them beating Duke in Cameron.

Wow. Just wow.

Apparently none of their fan base has heard about us moving to C-USA. They keep mentioning that they would love to move to the A10 and become our conference rival.

Their fans are whiny and butthurt that we OWN them.

this is a great quote from one kitty:

"I took my bro-in-law, a life long Heels fan with young kids at home. He’d never been to a Davidson game. Halfway through he leaned in with “this is great, is it always like this?” Uhh, no. His next question was “Who else do they have on the home schedule this year?”

They’ve already quit playing us once. How’d that work out for them?

LOL, Davidson dropping us? They should just be happy that on that particular night, their tiny gym pulled in more revenue than it will all season.

I have one son, who is a Davidson student, and he was not assaulted. I have another son, who is still in high school. This child, who weighs all of about 115 pounds, was [b]assaulted by five UNC-C fans looking for a fight[/b] as he walked back to his car alone after the game.

President Quillen was walking out past a group of UNC-C fans after the game, all of them screaming obscenities. She said please watch the language on our campus. They responded by chanting the “c” word at her - and it wasn’t Charlotte and it wasn’t concrete that they were yelling.

They may have decent fans, but you can’t tell by the trash that comes to the game. I vote no.

Assaulted? I’d love to hear the details. Punched? Kicked? “verbally”? Vague?

President Quillen would do well to not say things without security around her. Our fans do drink and do talk s***. Welcome to Charlotte!

BTW, really hope this guy’s son isn’t 115 lbs in HS. Need to get him on a conditioning program if he’s going to next year’s game in Halton. Considering the undersized “football” players in D-block and the middle school cheerleaders, perhaps their student body should have kept Chick-fil-A on campus. They clearly need the protein.

clt is fine with US dropping the series.

[quote=“gamer, post:12, topic:27244”]They’ve already quit playing us once. How’d that work out for them?[/quote] Most of you weren’t born yet, but in the beginning of our Division 1 playing time, Davidson would not play us because they thought we weren’t good enough (basketball wise). Then we were good and they wouldn’t play because we were TOO good. They seem to always think they are doing us a favor by scheduling us, which goes right along with their generally snotty attitude. Bunch of wimps.

You know I’m all for yelling, supporting our team, but some stuff really has to stop. I know some of our “fans” get soooo drunk before games and over do it. As one who doesn’t, I F’ing RESENT those who give MY SCHOOL a bad rap that is UNDESERVED by the vast majority of alums and fans. To YOU, I say cool it, and if I see/hear what I think is over the top CRAP from a NINER “Fan”, I WILL CALL YOU ON IT. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Those who agree must help reel in this over the top junk. We CANNOT let OUR SCHOOL get a rep based on a few IDIOTS. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Cool it.

fixed that for you.

I do not believe anyone chanted the ‘c word’ at their university president, or that a group of 5 people tried to beat up one of their students.

Most of our fans are pretty average people. I can’t think of any that appear intimidating/threatening.

Yeah that sounds like some 3 or 4th hand information after several layers of distortion. Probably another lie made by the 115 pound teachers pet.