Anyone Here play texas holdem online?

I know 3ball does but does anyone else? Maybe we can get a Ninernation game going at one of the free tables at some point.

I play on UB.
Playing for free though. I don’t know about that.


I play on UB with UBPoints. While its still not up to par with a real $$ game, its a hell of a lot better than the free tables. Probably will end up depositing there after the holiday season winds down some.

I play at UB, planet poker and empire poker with empire being my favorite. We should organize a rotating home game for low-medium stakes for niner fans. MK can you hook it up?

I play at party poker and recently at poker stars (played there for free before, too).
Think I have a little cizash left over at pacific poker, too. :wink:

I’m not the guru some on here are, I play at Bodog and Empire. What is UB? Looks like that’s the one everyone plays at.

If you can tell me what UB is I’ll register there and we can get it set up.

Do they have the option to create your own table or do you have use a public one?

MK, I believe they mean UltimateBet.


UB is ultimate bet.
Use me as a reference (Tintin049) and I get free stuff and you get a little bonus as well.



While UB isn’t the biggest, its one of the big 3-4 sites.

PartyPoker is easily the largest site, with the largest number of fish. Its undeniably the loosest of the major sites. Although its interface IMO is probably the worst. Its lowest limit ring game is .5/1.

PokerStars has the largest number, variety, and selection of multitable tournaments. It also offers some microlimit ring games. That said its tighter than Party.

UB has a mix of MTT and ring games, at a variety of levels going down to .1/.2 (it then jumps to .25/.50 though), and sit’n’go tourneys down to $1+.10. IMO it has the best interface. On a tightness scale it ranks about the same as Stars from what I’ve heard. It does not allow for the quick/easy startup of a private table (at least not yet) like I think Party does.

Empire and Pacific are also large sites with large numbers of games at all times. I know Pacific has a number of microlimit tables (.1/.2, .2/.4, .5/.10, if i remember correctly).

3ball, and for others thinking about playing at least semi-seriously online or wishing to improve your game… hands down the best source of information and the wealth of advice, help, statistics, breakdowns, etc. online can be found in the forums I’ve been lurking there for about 6 months and gain insight in doing nothing but reading the discussions on posted hands.

Ok, i’ve registered over at UB (Tintin you should have your bonus from my deposit) :smiley:

So when do we want to get together and play? I assume we just have to find a table and squat it?

Anborn, thanks for the link. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I ought to register at Party and UB.

3-tabling 10/20 point tables (the only point tables they offer outside of 5/10 NL) at UB tonight in about 1:25min I was up over 1000 points… wish I had the funds right now to deposit… :confused:

NLP no problem on the link. microlimit and smallstakes forums are great for lurking to improve your online play. home game forum is great for any questions you might have about purchasing chips/tables, building tables, running a home game, etc. I’ld suggest to anyone visiting to lurk/search for info before waging in. alot of questions are repeated over and over and some posters there get annoyed at answering the same thing over and over and over :slight_smile:

went on that ub web site, very nice poker games for free

I play at partypoker. What’s the fun in playing for free?

[i]Originally posted by NovaNiner[/i]@Jan 6 2005, 10:16 AM [b] I play at partypoker. What's the fun in playing for free? [/b]
You see, when you play for free, you don't actually lose any money. I would consider that to be a good thing, and thus by extension, "fun". :D

I play at Pacific Poker

Bump because two or so months ago I started playing at Party Poker and it’s like stealing from a baby playing the small buy-in NL ring games.

I’ve only used Party Poker. It’s easy money for the most part, I typically play at the small sit and go tables. Feel free to use me as a reference. My screenname is BobbyLutz. Go Niners!

Made $6,450 last week on Bodog Texas Hold’em

Just kidding. I don’t gamble online. I have enough trouble winning in Vegas.

I used to play on UB. Won $3 in a 1500 person freeroll (finished 37th), and in 2 months turned it into $90. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to really sit and play since August. I still have the $90 on the site and may continue building but haven’t really found the time of late. So with $0 initial investment I’m +$90. While Party’s full of the fishes, I just can’t get used to their interface, it seems slow and 2nd class compared to UB’s.