Anyone see that cheerleader shove Mitch?

At the end of the game, while the guys are jumping around in celebration, while the IU cheerleaders are making a beeline to center court, one of IU’s male cheerleaders clearly shoves Mitch. The shove knocked him off balance and almost knocked him over. It’s in the last 6:30 video here: Link. The shove comes at about 5:19 in. It’s a blatant shove, and not just running into each other. You see the cheerleader run to the crowd of our guys, then clearly extend his arms, pushing Baldwin.

The kid punked Mitch blatantly…he should be identified and kicked off the squad, but to Mitch’s credit, he showed class.

I think I’ll email IU’s cheer coach and let them know about the incident.

find the cheerleading department email and post that. everyone should email. lets ruin that kids life forever!

on another note, our cheerleaders are much hotter. Esp the guys and that cheerleader with a tan that never smiles. she is smoking.

I’m trying to identify the actual guy. Here’s the image. Going through the video frame by frame, it’s hard to tell exactly which guy it is. As far as the cheerleading department, Julie Clements is their head coach. Her email isn’t listed, and IU’s staff directory isn’t working for me. There is a “Cheer Comments” link that sends an Email to Not quite sure who that is, though. Anyway, here’s this year’s basketball squad.

So funny hearing the Hoosier homer espn crew yelling and screaming that it’s waved off. Those guys sounded so dejected once the ref raised those arms in the air. :thumbsup:

Looks like one of the dark haired guys on the middle row, based on build.
Nance should have ripped him in half for that. Or better, CJ.

that is the email for Cheerleading comments from the site

i sent one

IU Cheerleaders = woof, woof


Talked to Mitch tonight an he said that the cheeleader not only pushed him but was running his mouth as well. That guy should be held accountable

I shot an e-mail…

[i]To whom it may concern:

Upon watching the video of the postgame happenings at the Charlotte-Indiana game on Wednesday night, I noticed an IU cheerleader apparently shoving Charlotte point guard Mitchell Baldwin. I rewound the tape several times, and it did appear to be intentional.

I was disappointed to see such actions taken by a student support group, and I truly believe that the Charlotte 49er cheerleaders would have exhibited far more restraint and much more class had our schools’ roles been reversed that night. I trust that the powers that be will take the appropriate actions in this matter. Thank you for your time.[/i]

I’m still trying to figure out why they ran out onto the court like that. You lost. I doubt the fans really cared to see the cheerleaders at that point.

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Dec 24 2004, 01:11 AM [b] I'm still trying to figure out why they ran out onto the court like that. You lost. I doubt the fans really cared to see the cheerleaders at that point. [/b]
Probably for the alma mater. Just a guess, though.

Can’t believe what I just saw. That’s sick. Totally uncalled for.

Hoosiers are losers!!!

After looking at a clearer feed of the tape, the kid that did it is the doofy guy 3rd from the right in the back line…next to the center man. You know, the guy with the Alfalfa bowl cut.

Hope this helps, let’s punk him out…

Wow thanks for sharing that clip. To bad about the cheerleader …but I will say their coach showed total class. He stated in the media the shot got off … and he congratulated Plav with a huggg at the end of the game. Hope that was noticed as well as the immature cheerleaders silly action. Our players did very well letting it go …and savor the win.

Apparently there was some kind of incident when Purdue beat them and stomped on their center court logo a la Terrell Owens. Ever since then, their cheerleaders have rushed the middle of the court after a loss.

That was a cheap shot, but Im amazed you saw it. That happened so quickly I would have missed it if it hadnt been pointed out.

I’m about 95% sure it’s the brown haired guy in the middle row of that picture with the brunette girl on his knee. What a freakin’ a-hole and yeah, he’s lucky that one of our guys didn’t lay him out after that. Heck, as little as Mitch is, I’m guessing even he could hold his own against that jerk. Total lack of class.

I saw that immediately when I saw the clip. He pushes Mitch off with his right elbow on his way to center court. What an ass clown punk. If you look at the clip, the cheerleaders are indeed standing on the center court logo as if you prevent our players from stomping, which they wouldn’t have done. :rolleyes: