AP Top 25

#9 Louisville
#18 Cincinnati

ORV Charlotte

AP Top 25

Wow… we still got 16 votes. More than I was expecting.

Based on last week’s voting, if #25 was 213 votes, I still don’t think they’d have gotten in with a victory over ECU.

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Jan 31 2005, 03:23 PM [b] Based on last week's voting, if #25 was 213 votes, I still don't think they'd have gotten in with a victory over ECU. [/b]
A loss to ECU and all of the sudden HP starts saying "they" instead of "we." Bandwagon fan. :P

LOL! No, if you will read my past posts closely, you will see that I almost never use the pronoun “we” in reference to the 49ers. “I” nor “We” ever scored for the team, so I prefer that. I am a supporter and continue to be. “We,” IMO, is a term that most members of the Tar Heel fan club use way too much.

However, as the joke goes, Melvin Watkins never got an assist his senior season without me (since I was the one determining an assist back then).

Heheh… fair enough. While you are expaining things, what is your signature supposed to mean? I have been wondering about that one for a while now.

Our women did get 6 votes in the AP poll. Slowly creeping back in…

It means absolutely nothing prophetic, LutzFan. It was something pointed out to me by an old fisherman once and I thought it sounded cool. And it is a true fact, fish spoilage begins at the head, not the middle or tail.

Other poll is out. How embarrassing! After all those comments about how we should be ranked and we lay an egg like that… :unsure:

2 votes. Just inside the top 40, barely.

the other poll