Aquille Carr offered 3/4 million to go pro overseas soph in high school

Another in the line of very good sub 6 foot Baltimore guards doing BIG THINGS 8)

He needs to take that money and run. At 5-6 it’s going to be tough for him to make it in the NBA but he could still get there in a few years if he was good enough from Europe. He’s a 17 year old sophomore in high school so he doesn’t sound like a couple more years of school are going to do much for him.

i’d just like to give him a big hug before he takes off for europe. :blank:

It was reported by DraftExpress that the team apparently talked to him about it, but no mention of a salary was talked about. I posted the link yesterday in the shoutbox. Too lazy to go find it now. Sounds like the kid got some good news and him or someone in his camp made a fish tale out of it.