Article - Huntersville Herald 6/22


Good publicity. I am glad to see the word is making up this way even. Seems positive, doesn’t like the idea of us making the fast hop.

Please don’t send emails to this guy bashing him. I plan to write up a nice email thanking him for the work and informing him about USF and UAB. I am sure he would enjoy friendly emails from the niner faithful, but please leave it at that, a thank you and maybe a hope to hear more from you on Niner sports.

Already sent a thank you. What a great article! Loved it and completely agreed.

I agree w/ the 1-aa start, not 1-a.

I like his article, but its opinion. Grant Teaf, an expert in the field suggest we move as quickly as possible to 1A

[QUOTE]Establishing UNCC first as a big fish in the little I-AA pond could determine whether its I-A football dreams sink or float.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=ninerID;244711]I plan to write up a nice email thanking him for the work and informing him about USF and UAB.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE]After competing their first four years as a Division I-AA independent, the Bulls moved to Division I-A in 2001…[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE]Not bad for a football program that fielded its first team in 1991 at the Division III level.[/QUOTE]

Nothin’ wrong with establishing yourself in a small pond first.

right, but thats not UCONN, which was D1AA for like 100 years. Which is the example he used.

clt adds that the herald’s normal sports writers are complete acc douches.

Nice to see that the people in the neighborhood are waking up.

I’ve never read anything from this writer before, but I would like to remind my fellow Niners that most sports writers in this state graduated from Chapel Hill, so take everything they say about us with a grain of salt.

The Administration has always said they would not do football unless they could do it at the highest level, so I expect a fast move to DI-A is their plan.

Seems like the writer has his head on straight for sure. A nice article. It seems we are doing things right with the way the university is studying the issues at hand before launching a team. I think to be great you have to do what some believe is impossible. We shall see.