Assistant coaches for Sanchez

Georgia State

McCallum 114,087.26
Pardue $82,500.00
White $76,988.33


Potosnak $160.370
Perry (IHC) $115,700
Wojcik $96,900

I think Pardue/White would be interesting to “steal”.

NLP…is there a site you use to get this info so quick or just a general search?

Google is your friend. Most state employee salaries are public information. So just search “|public university name| salary database”

LOL, been trying that. All I get are football salaries and team website links.

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What does a video coordinator make ?
Hell, he did more in game coaching than Simovic.

Simovic had one job, get Filip Petrusev. And he failed.

Once Petrusev went to Montverde, it was a challenge. The exposure there was more than we could overcome. Gonzaga was the kids favorite school. I think we beat out Tennessee for him if Zags don’t get involved.

Can’t believe he got him committed to Hartford but not here.

He had way better offers now than when he committed to Hartford.

If he had gotten Petrusev there’s a good chance Price would have a job through next year.

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If we got McInnis for 200k and two others for 100 each I’d be happy

For Price’s tenure, Hartford > Charlotte

Some have talked about Ivo being here since Vasic is staying. I don’t see that being the case. I imagine once the Final Four wraps up in San Antonio, most if not all the staff will be assembled.

Also, Mike Hill is already in San Antonio (thanks Twitter geo tagging), I’d imagine Sanchez is there as well.

Since many are asking about assistants, I have not heard of an assistant with heavy Charlotte/Carolina ties, which I feel is the most important piece for us.

I imagine Sanchez has at least 1 member join that has familiarity with his/Bennett’s style of play.

There is 1 I have heard with heavy Carolina ties.

Good, need at least 1 guy with heavy ties here.

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Bobby Lutz!



Bout Damn Time!!!