I just noticed that Henry has a 1.7 Ast/to

I remember a discussion about Green and whether he was an ok Pg with his Ast/to just around 1. It’s great that we have our main pg with a 1.7!! :eek:

Great to be a niner!

who is leading the NCAA right now and what are they at?

so in other words… we have a lot of work to do :confused:

clt says welcome to the board, and numbers do lie.

To be fair, the qualifiers on that start are based on minutes, not assists. Henry has 40, only about 25% of the top 100 on that list have at least 40 assists. The #1 guy has 11, for example, only two guys in the top 25 have 40+.

The top NBA PGs are 3+. Anything over 2 is good. Henry isn’t there yet, but the point was that he is much better than we’ve had in our recent history (and probably not-so-recent history too).

Henry takes care of the ball… can’t say that for the rest of our back court. I’m not so concerned about Henry’s turnover numbers, but it would be nice for him to make a few more assists per game. I guess it doesn’t help that we don’t have many shooters on our team.

The 2nd half we played one on one… Can’t get assists that way.

We need Henry’s offense. Hope he can avg double digits through the rest of the year.

Helps when you have shooters that can hit open shots when and are willing to take them off the pass.

1.7 isn’t bad when you start to factor in the amount of steals he gets