Athletic dept request


Would it be possible for someone in the Athletic Department to get it set up to
introduce Will Healy to the Halton faithful before or at halftime of the ECU game next Tuesday ?
It would be fitting and the crowd could start a “Thank You ECU” chant.
Not mad at them anymore…I think we got the best of this deal !


My request for the AD is the same it’s been for years.

Equipment yard sale. please.


Assuming Healy is in town, I imagine they will introduce him in the hospitality suites before the game, and he will take a few minutes to stoke the crowd for the good things ahead.


Before the game is fine, but he isn’t the football coach of the high donors, he is the football coach for the entire fanbase. He needs a big introduction on the floor at Halton at some point during a game.


If he is in town, no reason this shouldn’t happen. Great idea!


I think an introduction would be nice. I think the thank you ecu chant would be very tacky.


Why’s is that ??? If it weren’t for ECU we wouldn’t have Healy…I think we owe them thanks !


clt says this game isn’t the same without lebo


Agreed, tacky as hell. Besides, it’s not five years later. It’s not like Healy has proven to be the better hire over Houston, not my a Texas mile.

Introduction is great, leave it at that.


Thank you ECU to remind him he wasn’t our first choice? I’ll pass.


Good point