Athlon Preview



Weren’t we dead last one year recently??

If so…we’re up 3 spots!!!

127 out of 130



Pretty solid preview. Not all doom and gloom.


They did a great job sugar coating their review of team 127 of 130 that’s for sure.


They want to sell the magazine so they are not going to say anything overly bad or they turn off the fan base for that school, possibly for years.

And that is not to say Charlotte deserved a worse write-up. I am glad to see you move up a bit. Any move up for Charlotte makes your opponents look better as well.


clt says you are free to go away now.


McAppFan is going to move over to CSN and write in third person there in the CUSA forum. McAppFan recognizes some names on that board.


No… we earned a much more critical write up.